Two new features and other planned features

We have two small new features just released:

Add all people to all projects

This is a simple new feature where you can select for all people to be added to all new projects. This is useful if you have a lot of people in your company and you want to really add everyone to all of your projects. It can get tedious to do this one by one, so this way you can automatically add all of your new people to your new projects. This feature applies more to companies that have at least 10 users.

Prevent deletion of screenshots

This one we debated about quite some time before releasing it. It’s a simple feature where an admin can prevent deletion of screenshots. We introduced the feature because we had several requests for it. The way that deletion of screenshots works is that it will delete the length of time of the screenshot from the person’s worked time. So there shouldn’t normally be any need to prevent deletion of screenshots. However some companies are very interested in this feature so we have added it as an option.

My personal philosophy around screenshots is that they are not critical for most people in your business. They are a useful addition to the software because you can see a person’s workflow to look for improvements in processes and also if you have a problem team member, you can take a look to see what is going on and where they are actually spending their time. However it does take some time to examine screenshots, and so I personally use it more as an occasional thing rather than an every-day process. The way Time Doctor is designed is that as a manager you receive weekly and daily reports that give you the information you need at a glance to understand what everyone is working on and the productivity of your team.

New features coming up

Some features we are working on right now are:

  • Keyboard and mouse movements attached to screenshots
    This will show for each screenshot how many keyboard and mouse movements there are per minute for the period of that screenshot. This is a much requested feature.
  • Allow viewing of reports for deactivated users
    You might have a staff member that is leaving your company, but you will still need to access their reports for a couple of months after they have left. You will be able to do this once this new feature is implemented.

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