JIRA Time Tracking with Time Doctor

Time Doctor’s JIRA integration does all that and much more. This article explains the basics of the JIRA integration with Time Doctor.

A comprehensive time tracking solution for JIRA will:

  • Accurately track time to the second for JIRA issues
  • Display the time tracked per issue in the JIRA interface
  • Provide detailed reporting on time spent per issue, per project, per user, and more

JIRA Time Tracking – How it works

1 – Users install the Time Doctor desktop app

The desktop app will display a list of all JIRA tasks assigned to the user

The benefit of using a desktop app over a purely web-based time tracker is the ability to track activity while offline, as well as the ability to track non-web-based activities on the computer

Here’s a screenshot of what JIRA tasks look like in the basic version of the Time Doctor desktop app (there’s also an advanced version which has features to organize & prioritize tasks).

2 – Users complete the simple process to integrate Time Doctor with JIRA

Instructions are here (takes about 2 minutes)

3 – Users indicate when they start & stop working on each JIRA issue

This is done simply by clicking on the relevant JIRA issue in the desktop app to start tracking time. Then everything else happens automatically – tracked time is uploaded to the JIRA servers every few minutes while work is happening.

4 – Reviewing tracked time in the JIRA interface

Although more detailed reporting is available in the Time Doctor interface, Time Doctor sends all time tracked back to JIRA, you’ll be able to see time tracked in the JIRA interface also. Here’s a screenshot of what you’ll see in a JIRA issue itself in the cloud-based version of JIRA:

5 – Reviewing tracked time in Time Doctor interface

Both users and managers Here’s a screenshot of one of the many reports that Time Doctor provides (additional reports are described below):

Time Doctor also provides many additional reports that give further insights into work completed, including:

  • Time tracked outside of JIRA issues
  • How much time was spent on which websites & applications while working
  • Screenshots
  • Visual representations of when each user worked per day
  • Much more


Visit the Time Doctor Features Page for a full list of features.

Check out Time Doctor’s integration with JIRA here.

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