Time Tracking for Freshdesk with Time Doctor

Freshdesk is one of the most loved customer relationship management suites on the market today, and what makes it even more awesome is that you can now integrate it with Time Doctor! This allows you to track the amount of time spent on Freshdesk tickets by using the Time Doctor app.

Here’s an example of what it looks like when Freshdesk tickets appear in the Time Doctor desktop app where you can time them:

Time Doctor's Freshdesk Integration

To start, you’ll need to set up the Freshdesk integration for your company in Time Doctor. For detailed instructions, please click here.

Next, ask your users to activate the integration in their own Time Doctor accounts. Once they’ve set up their own integrations (just takes a minute), they can start tracking time for any tickets to them.

Here’s how to assign tickets via Freshdesk:

  1. Open the ticket dashboard, from the Open tickets filter, put a check mark on the ticket/s and click on “Assign to Agent” button
  2. Time Doctor's Freshdesk Integration

  3. Select the Agent’s name that is to work on the said ticket
  4. Time Doctor's Freshdesk Integration

  5. Here’s how it will look like once Agent sees the ticket assigned to him/her:
  6. Time Doctor's Freshdesk Integration

  7. To review the time worked on the project, navigate to Reports > Projects page. Here you’ll see detailed information about how much time was spent on each support ticket.

Time Doctor's Freshdesk Integration

Time Doctor provides additional reports that will give you further insight into the work completed, including:

  • Time tracked outside of Freshdesk issues
  • How much time was spent and on which website & application.
  • Screenshots
  • Visual representation of each user and their work per day
  • Much more

How to get started …

Check out Time Doctor and test out the software for 30 days for free. Even if you never pay us any money you’ll still see productivity benefits for your company or for yourself individually as you’ll see exactly where time is spent each day.

If you’re already a Time Doctor user and would like to take advantage of time tracking for Freshdesk, read the instructions to set up the Freshdesk integration.

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