Basecamp Time Tracking with Time Doctor

Basecamp is one of the most loved project management apps available on the market today.

Time Doctor has created an easy way for you to track time on your Basecamp projects and tasks by integrating Basecamp with your Time Doctor account.

Here’s how it works:

Users need to install the Time Doctor desktop application. If you don’t have an existing account with Time Doctor, click here to sign up.

The Time Doctor desktop application will display a list of all Basecamp tasks assigned to the user. The image below shows all active Basecamp tasks synced with Time Doctor Lite.  (A more advanced version of Time Doctor is also available called Time Doctor Pro)

A user just needs to click on one of the tasks to start tracking time. Time tracked can be reviewed on the Time Doctor website by visiting the Reports > Projects page

Click to view a larger version

Time Doctor provides additional reports that will give you further insight into the work completed, including:

  • Time tracked outside of Basecamp tasks
  • How much time was spent and on which websites & applications.
  • Screenshots
  • Visual representation of each user and their work per day
  • Much more

How to get started …

Check out Time Doctor and how well it integrates with Basecamp in this page. You can try out the software for 30 days. See productivity benefits for your company and for yourself individually as you see exactly where time is spent each day.

If you’re already a Time Doctor user and would like to take advantage of time tracking with Basecamp, read the instructions on How to setup the Basecamp integration here.

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