Time Doctor Website Weekly Release

We have the following features and improvements released this week:

  • Every activity option on all activities report

This was requested by many people who were looking for a report with a breakdown of every task, rather than having a consolidated report. This new report shows the start and finish time for every activity. You can access this new report option on the all activities report.

  • Change the websites report to include all websites over 1 minute

This was requested by several people to include a greater level of detail in the websites and applications. We will be releasing in future further reports with even greater details on websites visited.


And the following bug fixes and UI improvements:

  • Various UI bugs on the projects page
  • Fixing warning message when changing Time Zone
  • Fixing the invite process when inviting managers and admins so that they do not need to set up Time Doctor
  • UI fixes for the edit time page
  • Add a cancel option for pending invitations
  • Fix unsubscribe link error
  • Fixing error on poor time use report on the web site
  • User should not see their own name on pending invitations list

We have also been working on a better structure and fixes for Integrations with Jira and Basecamp. Also a re-write of the code for the productivity page where we are preparing to include better graphical displays of time worked and other information such as websites used for each user in the company.

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