Time Doctor Website – New Redesigned Features

The websites and applications report has been completely redesigned. You should start receiving an email soon with this redesigned report. The purpose of the design is to try and make it easier to review all of the relevant information in this report.

The categories of time use are removed. The reason they were removed is that the categories were not always correct, and did not give as much useful information as knowing the actual application or website that the person is using.

Here is an example of the new email report:

websites applications

Let us know any feedback about this redesigned report. We also plan in future of offering a report which will give more granular details of websites and applications used, including individual documents. For example instead of just knowing if the person used “Word” There will be a breakdown of all the word documents used. This is not something for the immediate future, and instead is planned for the longer-term.

TeamworkPM Integration

We have done an initial launch of an integration with Teamwork.com. If you are using Teamwork.com please check out the integration. If you’re thinking about trying a new project management software alternative check out Teamwork.com


Other minor fixes and improvements:

  • All new users should be automatically managed by admins
  • Fix bug on poor time use report
  • Fix display bug text is cut off in pop up when adding a new project
  • Fix issue with still receiving email reports when the setting is turned off
  • Fix to issue with dashboard when deleting a user
  • Redesign of email ‘You have not set up your Time Doctor account’
  • Improvements to the company settings page
  • Various improvements to the layout on the team comparison feature
  • Fix problem with buttons not centered on the projects page
  • Select in JIRA integration which tasks to hide (which tasks are closed tasks)
  • Redesign setup page pop up asking for TD installation

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