Time Doctor Website Release

This is a relatively small release. One thing you might notice if you follow these release notes is how many bugs there are to fix! Most of them are very minor bugs (probably 95-99% of people don’t even notice them), but they are definitely bugs that are annoying to those that are aware of them.

There is a maxim in software development that if you are 80% finished, the remaining 20% of work takes just as much time as the first 80%! In fact my experience is that it’s more like this: When you feel like you’ve completed 90% of the work, you are about half way done. That’s because there a multiple small bugs and improvements that you were not aware of and could not be aware of until people start using the software and find out what is annoying to them or doesn’t quite work the way they want it.

No major feature releases this week, just some minor fixes and improvements!

Minor bug fixes, UI improvements and minor feature improvements

  • Fix problem with intro videos loading in the background
  • Fix problem with daily breakdown report not being available
  • Projects page – no users available message appears to the wrong people
  • Fix size of subdomain box so that it fits
  • Redesign welcome pop up
  • Change behavior when inviting someone who is already part of the account
  • Fix issue with blank name on approve manually edited time page
  • Fix issue with manually edited time on productivity page
  • Fix issue with warning on the edit time page
  • Fix issue with special characters in email subject lines
  • Redesign PDF for daily breakdown report
  • Don’t show screenshots menu if screenshots are not active

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