Time Doctor Website Release

Here are the features from this week’s release:

Keyboard and mouse activity under screenshots

This is a much requested feature. We actually haven’t officially launched the feature this week–it will launch next week but you can preview it by going to your dashboard and then replacing the last part of the url with v2/index.php?page=screenshots2 or in other words just add the number 2 after the normal screenshots page. However you have to first download the latest version of the Time Doctor software. If you want to try this page right now please email support@timedoctor.com to get the latest version or go to timedoctor.com/download.html after the 25th of October when we will release the latest desktop version.

Here is how it looks:

(click for a larger view)

You can see the exact number of keystrokes and mouse movements for every screenshot. If you have a sneak peak at this feature please let us know any feedback or suggestions.

Invoice history page

This makes it easy for you to see and download a PDF of any previous invoice and payment to Time Doctor.

Initial pop up with basic settings for Time Doctor (and a bit about my philosophy on screenshots)

It’s interesting that we have two different groups of users for Time Doctor. Some who are very focussed on Screenshots as the main feature. Others who actually do not want screenshots as their staff have issues with privacy and a feeling of the software being too “Big Brother”. My personal opinion is that screenshots are sometimes useful when developing a relationship with a person you have never met and are working with from the other side of the world. They also have some uses also in reviewing processes in an organization and looking for process improvement.

However screenshots are inherently a bit slow as a way to review productivity of team members. Also they are completely based on a top-down management review process rather than a self-reflection method for each person in an organization to work on their own productivity improvement. For example, screenshots are not something that I use personally to improve my productivity, and I am designing Time Doctor to be something that will be useful for me to improve my own productivity (or for any manager to improve their own productivity).

Also we have various reports in Time Doctor where a manager or team members can review their entire team in one report and compare metrics with different team members. We are going to be introducing a number of other reports like this in the future. So these reports are easier for managers as they require a lot less time to review. The concept is that it should take less than 5 minutes each week to review all of the reports and gain any insights on how to improve your own productivity or the productivity or your team.

So all of that preamble was to explain why we created some initial settings for Time Doctor. You won’t see these settings as an existing user but for new users they will set up a couple of things when they first start using Time doctor. They will first set screenshots to be on or off for the company (these can then be set individually for each person in the company). The default setting is now for screenshots to be “off” so the admin will have to turn them on to activate them for the team (again this is only for new people who sign up for Time Doctor in October 2013 and onwards).

Here is the pop up to choose the settings:

The other setting is the “Away from Computer” pop up setting which will pop up when the person is not using their computer for a certain period of time. For someone who is working always from home in front of their computer, a setting of 3 minutes should work ok but for a person who works away from their computer in meetings or in an office setting then a longer setting of 15-30 minutes might be more appropriate.

Note that you can choose these individually for each person in the company under the “manage user” page.

Various small bug fixes and improvements

  • Redesign of the welcome pop up
  • Redesign of intro video lightbox
  • Include a remove button under company settings JIRA integration page
  • Fix error in message when inviting staff
  • Refactoring of the dashboard page
  • Fix issue where invited admin is invited as a user
  • Fix bug with person unable to enter projects
  • Fix UI issue on edit time page
  • Fix split test script issue (we previously build our own split test script and had an issue with this script that needed to be fixed)
  • Improvements to the invoice page

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