Time Doctor Website Release

The end of year holiday period has been a bit less productive than the rest of the year, but we still got a lot done in improving the Time Doctor web site.


We worked on various re-designs during the past few weeks and the re-design and UI improvement for the whole site will be completed soon.

  • Redesign the “worked under required hours email”
  • Redesign setup pop up asking for TD installation
  • Redesign the “You have successfully created an account” email
  • Redesign received invitation email
  • Redesign integration buttons
  • Redesign absent and late report
  • Redesign the projects page

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Fix issue with timezone not detected automatically
  • View hours added manually report shows seconds instead of hours
  • Fix alignment issue on invite page
  • Fix issue with some users not able to reset password
  • Home page design issues in IE
  • Sample users are available after removing them on the dashboard
  • Previous week option in reports is not accruate
  • All tasks report print function not working
  • Various improvements to the team comparison page
  • Fix link in front of Basecamp integration tasks
  • Error in get started page display
  • Reduce sync time for integrations
  • List owner on the admin page
  • Fix bug JIRA tasks are under no project allocated
  • Fix issue on Team Comparison page with bars being the wrong length
  • Menus falling behind the date selection on the Team Comparison page
  • Fix issues with Getting Started page and when it appears
  • Display issue on the Approve Manually Edited Time page
  • Fix problem with away from computer pop up setting
  • Fix field alignment issue on IE on home page
  • Fix absent notifications bug
  • Error when unsubscribing to the websites and applications email report
  • Fix bug on export option in the all tasks report
  • Fix dashboard status for users that join more than one account
  • Improvements to pop up UI on manage users page
  • Fix issue with users missing from Team Comparison page
  • Fix issue with date added values wrong on approve manually reported time report
  • Make “people managed by” and “people who manage” section larger on the manage users page
  • Fix issue in dashboard company dropdown not listing all the company
  • Fix issue for people not receiving the poor time use pop up
  • Fix issue with 0% displaying in the wrong place on the computer activity report in IE and other display issues in IE
  • Improvements to all tasks report export format
  • Fix issue with incorrect email address change report
  • Fix bug in consolidated weekly report
  • Fix issue with re-integrating with JIRA
  • Fix issue with customers not receiving daily consolidated reports
  • Download time doctor link appears next to the wrong users in the refactored dashboard
  • Fix formatting of loading message on team comparison report
  • Improvement in search function for users on all tasks report
  • Improvements to default settings for new users pop up
  • Notification when archiving a project
  • Fix issue with Basecamp projects not always showing in reports

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