Time Doctor Website Release

Here is an update of the previous two week releases for the Time Doctor website.

  • Fix problem when a user is invited to two accounts.
  • On the edit time page require entering a project if on company settings page the company is set to require projects.
  • Fix problem with a user not appearing on reports.
  • Various small UI improvements and redesigns.
  • Improvement to syncing time for Basecamp integration.
  • Fix problem of being unable to load web and app usage report.
  • Emails incorrectly sent re payment failure.
  • Completed refactoring of the dashboard page including fixing multiple bugs.
  • Improved billing page when a charged failed.
  • Problem in specific combination of signups with saying that registration was incomplete during the sign up process (although it was complete).
  • Fix problem with manually added time.
  • Fixed a security issue that was related to the initial invite email. This email link if it ever was to get into the wrong person could then be used for a security breach into the account. This has now been fixed.

Coming up soon is an improvement to the design and usability of some of our email reports. Here is a preview of how these new emails will look:

Websites and Applications Used Email Report:

The Time On and Off Computer Report

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