Time Doctor Website New Release

This is the release for the past two weeks.

New features released:

  • Manage users page redesign
    This is a totally new design for the manage users page which allows you to select the “Away from computer” pop up for each individual user. The way that this pop up works is that if the person is away from the computer for more than 3 minutes then it will pop up and ask if they are still working. If they do not click “yes” then they will be put on a break. This 3 minute setting works well for most people who are working from home.
    However it can be annoying for people in an office or where they often need to get up from their computer (for meetings for example). In this case we recommend to set it to 30 minutes or perhaps 15 minutes.
    (Click to view a bigger image)
  • Advanced settings page
    This is a page where you can individually adjust the other pop ups. You access the advanced settings page by clicking on the “Advanced settings” link on the manage users page. Remember that the manage users page and advanced settings page are available to admins only.
    There are three selections on the advanced settings page:
    Allow off computer tracking – this means that when the person comes back to their computer when away it will allow them to easily track their time when they were away from the computer. This is useful for people that do work sometimes away from their computer. If the person never works away from their computer then you might un-select this option.
    Back at work popup – this will remind the person to start tracking their time when they get to their computer. We recommend this as on for all people unless they work very part-time for example and are annoyed by getting asked if they are working!
    Poor time use popup – this will remind the person and ask them if they are working when visiting sites like Facebook for example. This pop up is only activated once every hour so it will not constantly pop up and annoy the person. If you have someone who works in social media marketing and finds this pop up annoying you can turn this off.

  • Allow managers to be deactivated
    This is a minor change to allow companies to deactivate managers which means that managers can still see reports but will not be charged.
  • Sending emails if credit card fails
    We have added a more robust method of sending emails if there are problems with a person’s credit card.
  • Include under 10 minute items in website and applications report
    Previously we were only showing items of over 10 minutes. Now every item over 1 minute will show in this report.

Bug fixes and minor usability improvements:

  • Error on selection with the “All activities” report
  • Bug with a user who as a disabled admin
  • UI bug on the projects page
  • Bug with removing Basecamp and Jira integrations
  • Project field erased when adding time manually
  • Deactivate screenshots page if screenshots are not active
  • UI bug in Google Chrome when downloading screenshots
  • Add a date range option for adding absent time
  • On IE showing a javascript error on the setting > projects page and user settings page

Then, we are currently working on:

  • Bugs with the Jira integration – There are some significant bugs with the Jira integration and we are working on re-writing the API so that this will be significantly improved.
  • Refactoring of the productivity page – This will allow us to create really nice visual graphs to display the depth of data that we have for each user, making it easier to compare and understand the productivity for each team member or for individuals.
  • Hiring new team members – we are in the process of expanding the web team so that we can respond more quickly and work on all of the improvements that we would like to make to the software.

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