Time Doctor Website New Release

Another weekly release for the Time Doctor website.

Here are a number of the small issues that we fixed this week.

  • Bug with integrations page appearance
  • Bug with Basecamp integrations appearing in the High Priority folder
  • Fix pop up when removing an integration
  • Small fixes to invoices and billing page
  • Registration issue when using IE 8 and 9
  • Missing validation image when signing up
  • Task names overlaps Project names on the edit time page
  • Don’t display the “How to use Time Doctor” videos if you are signing up again to a new company but the same account
  • Users in multiple companies should have a unique name for each account
  • Display error when inviting staff
  • After confirming email a pop up to indicate that you have done it
  • Fixing the behavior of archived projects
  • Remove the done button on the calendar
  • Bug on screenshots page when changing the number of thumbnails to display
  • Improvements to the display on the invoices page


Features and improvements that are coming up soon:

  1. Redesign of emails and reports, improving the graphical representation of information in different reports and making them easier to digest the information
  2. Various improvements to loading speed
  3. We are working on an integration with Asana and working on fixes to the JIRA integration
  4. And more!

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