Time Doctor Website New Release

This is the weekly website release for Time Doctor.

Keyboard and mouse activity below screenshots

The major feature release this week is keyboard and mouse activity below screenshots. This is a highly requested feature and has now been pushed live on the site. In order to see this you will need everyone in the company to download the latest version of the desktop software. (You can download the latest software here: http://www.timedoctor.com/download.html

Here is a view of the keyboard and mouse activity beneath the screenshots:

(Click for a bigger view)

Other fixes and minor improvements

  • Fix bug in display of questions on the home page
  • Fix message about expired account on the dashboard
  • Fix Basecamp sync status error
  • Change display of menu if user is part of only one company
  • Bug with manually added time and project names
  • Various fixes and code refactoring to improve page load time
  • Improvements to the resend invite pop up
  • Fix problem with keyboard and mouse display when person does not have the latest desktop version
  • Fix issue when user tries to integrate and remove integration quickly
  • Fixes to the invoices page
  • Websites and applications not picking up all versions of Safari and Firefox
  • Web and App usage does not display time less than 9 minutes

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