Time Doctor Website Improvements and Fixes

Over the last couple of weeks we have worked on some of the following issues:

Improving the speed of loading of reports

We are working on improving the loading speed for all of the reports. Our goal is to get this to under 4 seconds for every report. This has been accomplished with some of the reports, but many of the reports still have major problems with loading speed and the website and application report is very slow or non-functioning for some users with a lot of data. This is one of our main focuses at the moment.

API – added a new call for the “Time Use Report”

This is an API call which receives the same information in the Time Use Report to make the API more efficient for gathering this information.

Improved monitoring of email sending

We  previously had multiple problems with emails not being sent. We have improved the monitoring and sending of emails but this is not yet 100% complete for all emails.

Other features we are working on right now (not completed)

  • Designs for pdf print options for the timesheet report and time use report
  • Multiple issues for refactoring to improve loading speed
  • Integration with Freshdesk
  • Automation of the PayPal masspay integration for the Payroll page

 Various other completed bug fixes and minor improvements

  • Error return when getting dropbox authorization code.
  • Inconsistent page title for Review Manual Time
  • JIRA and Basecamp projects are showing on project settings page.
  • Change text of “Skip this step” if you are inviting a manager or admin
  • [ Timeline report ] – Report loading issues
  • [New Dashboard] Remove “0” from the front of all hours.
  • Unable to export Poor Time Use Report
  • Change the hardcoded links in the cron jobs
  • Fixes to the “you’ve been invited to join email”
  • [Time Use Report] Fix issue on CSV reports
  • Fix alignment issue on approve edited time page
  • Fix spacing on TD features page
  • User received manual time report email even no manual time was added
  • User wants to unsubscribe from manual time report emails
  • User getting redirected to invite page after logging into account
  • User cannot create new projects
  • Design for pages you don’t have access to
  • Dropdown is cropped when signing up
  • Edit time page – End Time should display all the possible time
  • Task name is cut-off without any notification.
  • Remove background colors from rows on the Review manual time page
  • Design issues with the Review manual time page
  • Improve function of unsubscribe link to Worked under required hours
  • [Edit Time Page] Dropdown for start/end times appear in the wrong location
  • Add to list of payroll currencies
  • User has strange problem in the dashboard
  • [Edit Time Page] Display integration type before the Project Name
  • [Edit Time Page] Dropdown list for project selection seem to detached from container when scrolling outside the list
  • Problem when inviting admin, manager and existing user
  • Deactivated users should be able to log into the web dashboard but NOT the desktop app
  • Manually added time sometimes gets added on the wrong date
  • Always display minutes whenever hours are displayed (even if there are 0 minutes)
  • ‘Select All’ uppercase changes
  • Select / Deselect All functionality should reflect changes after time approval
  • Discrepancy between Edited time page and Timeline report
  • [Timeline] Codes are showing under productivity bars
  • Add to TD Features page – API & Payroll
  • [Worked under required hours email] Unsubscribe to email is not working
  • Need to update the link for “Absent and Late Status” in “Worked under required hours” email
  • Redesign 404 page
  • [Timeline Report] Display problem – code appears on page
  • Web & App Usage report email – Links go to the wrong places
  • Regular users are able to add/edit/delete adjustments on their payroll
  • Pop up when first selecting PayPal as a payment method
  • Minify CSS / JS files, remove inline CSS / JS and move JS files to the bottom of the html
  • Display issues on Poor Time Use report
  • Allow Admins to be deactivated
  • Add XML format to API
  • [Edit Time Page] Worked time is missing from Edit Time Page
  • Invitation process usability improvement
  • [Poor Time Use] Bad layout when selecting multiple users and when generating month reports
  • API – Merge redundant parameters in Get Tasks request
  • Use phpexcel library to generate reports
  • Projects added via desktop app ignore the “Add all users to all projects” setting
  • Don’t remove users from “Invite Users” page, or remove their “Resend Invite” links from Manage Users page, until after they’ve created a password
  • Changes to Manual Time email report
  • Worked under required emails wrong email sent
  • dashboard incorrectly says user “Not using TD Software”
  • Add tooltip to “!” icon on Manage Users page
  • [New Dashboard] Display seconds for tasks less than 1 minute
  • [Time Use Report] Detailed tasks breakdown are shown in 24-hr format
  • Change to green bar proportion on the timesheet report
  • Problem with display on mobile version of the timedoctor.com home page
  • Manual time sections being counted twice
  • Review manual time page – Mobile time should be on this page with reason “Recorded on mobile device”
  • Improve the radio and checkbox controls
  • Improvement to pop up on dropbox integration
  • Time Doctor URLs should automatically redirect to the appropriate company subdomain for signed in users
  • Break times are wrong in Timeline Report
  • Name styles should be the same on the dropdown menu.
  • [Edit Time Page] Edit button seems unresponsive for projects that are enclosed with quotation marks
  • Edit Time Page – Some matching tasks are missing from dropdown list when typing existing task name
  • Fixes & Improvements to Timeline Report
  • Reducing time worked when editing, does NOT mark the time as edited
  • Fix cropping of reason on Absent & Late Status page
  • Change default on company settings page

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