Time Doctor v2.3.14 Release Notes

Time Doctor - the best time tracking, productivity monitoring software

This update contains the following changes:

  • • Removed built-in support and replaced with link to the support portal
  • • Fixed issue with cache file getting too large
  • • Fixed minor issues


Always download the latest version of Time Doctor (v.2.3.14)

To download the latest version of Time Doctor, please proceed to:

Need more information about TimeDoctor? Visit our Knowledge Base at: http://support.timedoctor.com



Time Doctor v2.3.12 Release Notes

  • • Fixed an issue wherein screenshots do not upload
  • • Fixed freezing issues in feedback form
  • • Fixed issues with closing the application automatically
  • • Fixed crash when exiting from the TD client and other potential crashes

Time Doctor v2.3.11 Release Notes

  • • Fixed an issue where “Back at Work now” window would not pop up at intended time
  • • Fixed bug when entering task names
  • • Fixed pop up issue with more than one folder
  • • Fixed inability to create new tasks in Windows 8
  • • Fixed issue regarding screenshots not uploading
  • • Fixed issue regarding multiple screenshots
  • • Fixed some potential crashes
  • • Added auto-complete feature search for projects
  • • Can now display full list of projects as a drop-down list
  • • Revisions on “Tips of the Day”
  • • Added notification when starting to time a task
  • • Removed link for integration task from tooltip message


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