Time Doctor Update: Improvements to the Edit Time Page, 4 New Integrations and more

New dashboard released to all companies – We’ve released the new dashboard to everyone. This dashboard includes the most recent screenshots, and information on users with low keyboard and mouse activity.

An easy way to edit the project or task name on the Projects Report

This change is on the Projects Report.  It allows you to edit the project or task name easily for all previous instances of that task. It also allows you to identify all tasks that don’t have a project yet, and add one. If you’re using Time Doctor for billing clients, this feature is an easy way to make sure that all time is correctly allocated to your clients.

Usability improvements on the “Edit Time” page

We’ve added “Copy” buttons to the rows of work time on the Edit Time page, to make it easier for you to copy a task into periods of no work that come before or after each row.

More options on the “Invite Users” page

On the Invite Users page, you can now:

  • Invite multiple people at the same time
  • Set the access level of invited users (regular user, manager or admin)
  • Turn screenshots on or off
  • Set whether manual time is allowed
  • Choose which projects they’re assigned to.

All of this makes it a lot easier for your employees to get started properly after you invite them to Time Doctor.

Set weekly or monthly minimums

On the work schedules page you have the option of setting a weekly or monthly minimum number of hours. The work schedules page now has these options:

  • Option 1: Set specific schedules with a start and end time. You can use this for team members who are working in specific shifts. This allows you to calculate the exact times that were worked within a set schedule.
  • Option 2: Set minimum weekly or monthly hours for each team member. This allows you to give your team the flexibility of when they work.
  • Option 3: Do both! For example you can set a specific schedule from 8am to 1pm (5 hours) each weekday AND set a weekly minimum of 40 hours. So this person would work 25 hours within their schedule and make up the other 15 hours at any time during the week that is convenient to them.

4 new integrations

We’ve been working hard to launch integrations that you’ve requested. Here are 4 more integrations:

Other improvements

Here are a few more improvements that we’ve made recently:

  • Improved loading speed on many pages: You’ll likely see even further improvements to loading speed in the near future.
  • Adding recent projects to the project drop-down on the edit time page: This makes it easier to quickly select a project that you’ve used previously.
  • Show the current website or application on the screenshot: This helps you to associate screenshots with websites and applications that were used at that time.
  • Show the last time worked of each person on the dashboard: To help you see when your employees were last working.

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