Time Doctor Product Update

It’s been a long time since we posted on the product blog. You can see several updates on our business blog here but our product blog has been a desert landscape of literary nothingness.

But behind the scenes we’ve been working hard on Time Doctor. Here are some updates:

Mobile apps

We’re releasing apps for the iPhone first and then iPad and Android. The mobile apps will be especially useful for employees who are on the go and need to time their activities away from their computer. They will also have some features for managers who wish to keep track of the activities of their team. For in-office employees or for people working from home they will be less applicable. Here is a screenshot of the new iPhone app that will be launching soon.

Time Doctor Tasks

We’re moving to having two different versions of the software that you can use on your desktop. Time Doctor (the current version) will be more for a simple way to record and time your activities and not so much for organizing your tasks. Time Doctor Tasks (the new version) is actually what I use personally and it enables you to organize your tasks into folders and edit them. This software is more applicable to managers or people who have dozens of different tasks and need to keep them organised.

We’ve been working on Time Doctor Tasks for a while but it’s only just now that we are close to launching it. It has been a long while for us to launch this version and that’s partly because we have been focused on the current Time Doctor software and we are always prioritizing Time Doctor software that is already released (making sure that it is bug free and enhancing it in any way we can). If you want to trial this Time Doctor Tasks version and be part of the beta please contact support.

Lots more updates to come. We’re working on improving the UI, better graphical reports, and other features such as enabling admins & managers to set a fixed list of tasks for employees, which will make reports easier to interpret.

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