Update on Time Doctor Integrations with Basecamp, Jira and Others

We have had multiple bugs with the the Time Doctor Integrations for Basecamp and Jira. They are not working properly for some people and there are some minor bugs for others. However we are hoping to iron out all of these bugs very soon (within the next 2 weeks). At that point we will seek feedback from all of the people using the integrations for any potential improvements or issues.

The concept with integrations is to take the tasks (in Basecamp or Jira) and display them in Time Doctor. This works a bit differently in the two versions.

In Time Doctor to see the integration you click on the right and left arrows and you can see the list of the integration tasks. In Time Doctor Tasks, integrations are in a folder on the left.

Here is how it looks in Time Doctor:

Time Doctor with Jira

Here is how it looks in Time Doctor Tasks:

Click image for a larger view

TD Tasks with Jira

(Take note, we have two versions of the Time Doctor software!)

After fixing all the bugs we will make further improvements to the integrations based on your suggestions.

However here are a few points:

Integrations for Basecamp, Jira, etc are only for TIMING tasks

There is no point in us duplicating the features of Basecamp, Jira, and other software that Time Doctor will integrate with. If we do duplicate their features you will find a lot of problems with the integrations.

This means that the integrations are for timing tasks only and they are not for Assigning tasks, completing tasks, organizing tasks and creating tasks etc. If you want to assign, create tasks, or complete tasks you need to do that within Jira or Basecamp.

We will integrate the task list first and then also the time tracking data if possible

In Basecamp there is no time tracking so we cannot integrate time tracking. In Jira we have an integration of the time tracking feature.

We are planning to display the project as a link at the beginning of the task

This is completed with Jira and we are going to complete it also for Basecamp. This gives you easy access to the task, you just click on the link and it opens the page in Jira or Basecamp.

Future integrations

We have integrations planned for the following task management and project management platforms. There are literally hundreds of applications we could integrate with, and we have chosen these as the most popular applications in the market place that are applicable to integrations with Time Doctor:

  • Google apps
  • Asana
  • Podio
  • Freshbooks
  • TeamworkPM
  • Teambox
  • Wrike

We also are going to implement a public API which will allow you to create a custom integration with any application.

I apologize for the long delays in getting all the issues fixed with the Time Doctor integrations. We will get all the issues fixed and get these integrations out to you soon. Please let me know any feedback.

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