Time Doctor Downtime

The Time Doctor servers are currently down and we are working on a resolution. I will keep you updated on the problem.

If you are able to log into the software then any time tracked should catch up and track normally. If you have any problems with tracked time or if you are unable to log in then you can add time manually for the time when the server had errors

Update: The sever issue has been fixed at around 10:05 EST US time. The servers were unstable and down for part of the time during the previous 3 hours.

I’m sorry for any issues that this downtime has caused for companies using Time Doctor at this time. We are going to do our best to improve the stability of the servers and also improve our response time when we have any issues.

Any time tracked during this time should normally be sent to the server and catch up after the resolution. If you were unable to track time then you can add the time manually by clicking on the edit time button on the Time Doctor application.

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