Time Doctor Desktop Release (Time Doctor and Time Doctor Tasks)

We are releasing a new desktop version for Time Doctor (version 2.3.21) and for Time Doctor Tasks (Version 1.4.48).

Here are the changes and bug fixes you will find in this latest update:

Changes to Time Doctor Tasks

  • Fix bug where clear completed button did not function with integrations
  • Disable easy edit button when there are no tasks
  • Fixed problem where TDT sometimes maximizes the window
  • Add a sync button for Integrations
  • Changed display of time to show seconds when less than 1 minute timed
  • Fix issue with high priority starting at 0 instead of 1
  • Improvement to the click on folder mechanism

Changes to Time Doctor

You will notice that there are not a lot of changes specific just to Time Doctor as we do not have many feature requests or improvements that just relate to the Time Doctor interface (most of them related to both versions not solely Time Doctor).

  • Fix to the last 15 tasks view

Common changes to both applications

Note that both Time Doctor and Time Doctor Tasks use the same core code base which means that the core functionality is shared between the two applications and any fixes in one application can often be transferred to the other (other than for the interface).

  • Fixed problem of not timing an integration task when the project does not exist
  • Remove project listing on Basecamp integration
  • Fix the settings link on the “Back to work” pop up
  • Change error message when password is incorrect
  • Fix crash before shutdown of the computer
  • “I was working” button not working in some cases fixed
  • Fixed crash related to screenshot interval settings
  • Fix issue with TD starting automatically
  • Fix issue with URL recording not accurate
  • Various other small fixes
  • Fix dashboard link at the end of the tutorial
  • Work on feature with keyboard and mouse activity at the bottom of screenshots (not released yet)
  • Work on feature with web cam recording (not released yet)

Reminder of the difference between Time Doctor and Time Doctor Tasks

Time Doctor is designed for people do not have a lot of different tasks and are looking for a more simple version of the software to track their time. This is what Time Doctor looks like:

However it’s also possible to click on the arrow on the left and minimize and simplify Time Doctor further so that it looks like this:

Time Doctor Tasks allows you to organize your tasks into folders and to drag and drop your tasks in the priority that you prefer. See below for a preview of Time Doctor Tasks:

Remember you need to choose either Time Doctor OR Time Doctor Tasks. Your tasks will automatically transfer from one to the other but with Time Doctor they are all in one list, whereas with Time Doctor Tasks they can be organized into folders. If you would like to try a different version you can download both versions here: http://www.timedoctor.com/download.html

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