Time Doctor BETA (on the Horizon)

Time Doctor on the Horizon

Time Doctor BETA

We’ve been using our own software for more than 6 months now (and it’s been available to download and try for the last couple of months)… but we’re, finally, almost ready to launch a BETA version.

This BETA version of Time Doctor, we hope, will be completely functional in it’s current form and will have all interface and website glitches ironed out for all versions. All major bugs have been ironed out as well, including a rather embarrassing glitch that sent emails intended for some users sent to completely the wrong people…

(This was a result of moving the Time Doctor software to a new Amazon S3 server environment, which has been completed now and has improved overall performance and stability of the application and the dashboard).

While the Time Doctor client probably won’t win any design awards, it’s definite improvement on the way things looked a few months back. In the latest versions we’ve tidied the interface up as well the edit priorities screen (and various other notification messages). Our design approach was (and still is) to keep everything as simple, streamlined and as functional as possible.

We’re fairly confident that in a few days time you’ll be able start using Time Doctor with out any problems at all. We’re now just tidying up a few loose ends and completing a few minor tweaks. Any users downloading and installing the software now will automatically updated with the latest stable release versions as they become available.

As always, please send us your feedback, suggestions and ideas….

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