The Next 6 Months for Time Doctor

I wanted to let you know a planned roadmap for the features and improvements for Time Doctor over the next several months. We have two teams, one team is working on the desktop software, and the other team is working on the web site.

For the desktop team we are completing a few minor improvements and fixes to the Time Doctor software. This should be completed over the next 1 month. Then after that we will be working on launching the Time Doctor Tasks product.

You can see an image of Time Doctor Tasks below.

Time Doctor Tasks allows you to manage and organize your tasks and also track time for your activities when you need to. It’s more relevant for people that have a lot of different tasks and need to manage and organize all of their tasks. You might notice that we were working on a version like this previously however we are now making some good progress and will be able to release this version in the next 1-2 months.

After completing Time Doctor Tasks we are planning on the desktop team working on mobile versions for Time Doctor (for Apple and Android). The current plan for the mobile versions would be that it allows you to: Add tasks, manage tasks, add time for your tasks (this would be similar to editing time), and also for managers a feature to see who is online now and what they are working on.

Priorities for the web site

The main priority for the web team is to re-write the code to make it more robust and future proof. If you are interested our desktop product is built in C++ with Qt for cross platform compatibility (meaning it works in Mac, Linux and Windows). And our web product is build in Php. We are re-writing the web product to use the Zend Framework.

The code rewrite will take around 6 months. The new version of the website will look the same pretty much as the current version on the outside and in terms of functionality. The new version we are calling “Version 3”.

After re-writing the code there are a number of other features planned including:

  • An API for other developers to create integrations with Time Doctor
  • Integrating with many other project management systems including: Asana, TeamworkPM, Producteev,, Salesforce, Freshbooks and others.
  • Better analytics and graphs, for example to see more easily which web sites are visited and applications used on your computer
  • And a variety of other small improvements

As always let us know any feedback you have on the software, we are striving to make Time Doctor by far the best time tracking and time management software on the planet.

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