Have you considered the significant benefits of telecommuting for your business?

A recent survey by Cisco Systems found that 69% of telecommuting employees (a work arrangement in which employees enjoy flexibility in working location and hours) see increased productivity and 80% had an improvement in their quality of life. A big surprise for Cisco was that people actually spend more time working when they telecommute.

Another survey by researchers at Brigham Young University analyzed data from 24,000 IBM employees in 75 countries and found that remote workers could work 57 hours per week before work starts to interfere with their personal life and the number was only 38 hours for a traditional office worker.

Outside of face-to-face communication, the primary reason most businesses don’t endorse a work from home life/work balance, is that they don’t trust their employees to be as productive while working from home (especially without someone looking over their shoulder, or glaring at them from an adjacent cubicle).

Time Doctor completely eliminates this concern, as well as many others like cyber-slacking or viewing otherwise restricted website content during ‘work hours’. In fact, we believe that if for the majority of people, the productivity of staff who are offered a work from home option will actually increase by as much as 20%.

How? Time Doctor measures the exact hours worked, and monitors any wasted time carefully (in or out of the office).

As mentioned before, the other reason that businesses feel they need an office is for effective communication between team members. There are many technologies that you can use to improve communication between remote working teams;

Skype is free and useful for video chat, phone calls, conference calls, screen sharing, file sharing (it can also integrate with support system and other online apps). Team Viewer can be used to share your computer screen, and operating system with another person. Other services like Drop Box allow you and your team to have a shared folder on your desktop where you can all access the same documents. Google Docs provides an elegant way to share spreadsheets, presentations of documents between staff members and contractors.

The options are endless and there’s an increasing number of services entering the market which are all aimed at empowering “telecomputers” (…if you know of a good service, leave it in the comments).

While there are some distinct advantages to working in an office environment, with software like Time Doctor to monitor your staff, it may only be necessary to have employees work only certain days in the office. As the the old adage goes, a happy worker is a healthy worker, and we believe a work-life-balance is a huge part of that.

In today’s day and age, it doesn’t really make any sense for people to waste precious hours (and resources) traveling to and from work when they could be doing the same work from home. Using Time Doctor offers another unique benefit to businesses – They can hire staff from any city in the country and in fact any country in the world. Finding and retaining talented staff has never been easier or more affordable.

To try Time Doctor (BETA) today, visit http://www.timedoctor.com or spend 5 minutes reviewing our Product Tour.

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