Summary of Recent New Features and Bug Fixes

We recently released an integration with Asana. This is a great project management tool that is free for up to 15 users. We use Asana within the Time Doctor team and really love it, especially how fast it is to use and how it is all organized into one page. You can check it out here


The integration will take your tasks in Asana and display them in Time Doctor so that you can track time for these tasks. We recommend that you use Time Doctor pro to manage your integrations and we are also planning a significant interface and usability improvement for all integrations, however this will be available only with Time Doctor Pro. You can download Time Doctor Pro here

Released an API for Time Doctor

We released a beta version of an API for Time Doctor. This release is using get methods only. In other words you can use it to get report information but you cannot use it to add tasks for users. We do not have public links to the API as we are getting feedback from beta testers. If you would like to be a beta user of this feature please contact support.

Released the Payroll feature

This was mentioned in a previous blog post here. The Payroll feature is designed to help you calculate the total payments to your workers and also to facilitate payments using the lowest cost method possible. At the moment we have only two payment integrations but we will be adding further methods in the future.

Various minor bug fixes and feature improvements

  • Time discrepancies are observed when hovering in and out of the worked time on the desktop app
  • Fix loading message and rendering in the review manual time report
  • Start report loading when user selection dropdown is closed
  • Company settings bugs
  • [New Timesheet] Approved manual time does not reflect properly
  • [Edit Time] Edit button becomes unresponsive if the reason for manually added time has an apostrophe character
  • Payroll calculation is not working for manual hours
  • Request another linux version on download page fixes
  • [Poor Time Use] Generated print report display issue
  • Slow loading of Asana Integration
  • Fix button hover for calendar selector
  • Interview message box cut off on jobs page
  • Duplicate entry in edit time page and review manually added hours page
  • html tag duplications
  • Improper error message is seen when entering wrong Jira Username/Password
  • Display issues on Dropbox Integration (not released yet)
  • Security issue fix: Hijacking an account from reset password link
  • [New Integration Settings] Teamwork ON/OFF button disappears after trying to enter an invalid API key
  • [New Integration Settings] Error messages shows up after turning OFF JIRA integration
  • API – “Content-Type” doesn’t work
  • [Asana Integration] Display Project Name in TD client
  • Inconsistent text on Download buttons
  • [Dropbox Integration] Toggle button should only be clickable once user enters his dropbox authorization code in the text field
  • Change the tooltip of allow manual time settings under new user default settings.
  • Fix teamwork integration to order tasks via project first and then via task name
  • [Dropbox Integration] Change “myself” to my actual name
  • Edited time: Deducted total time instead
  • Incorrect total time registered on dashboard after deleting screenshots
  • Release new version of download page
  • [API] An internal server occurs when there is no data to be fetched for the set date on worklogs
  • [New Edit time Page] Don’t warn user about overwriting tasks that are <1 minute, since those tasks don’t appear on the page
  • [New Edit Time Page] Message about edits affecting existing tasks appears off the screen
  • [Edit Time Page] Remove seconds from dropdown when adding/editing time
  • Slow SQL trace – cron_reports.php is using screens table incorrectly
  • Problem with updating of Approve manual time page
  • [API] User should be able to get access to his secondary account/company
  • Wrong page title for Review manual time page
  • Timeline Report error
  • [User Settings Page] Remove “Launch demo modal Example 1” link from bottom of page
  • [New Edit Time Page] Clicking OK button from edit window pop-up will cause manually added times to be disapproved by default
  • [New Edit Time Page] Editing task name or project will deduct time from total time worked
  • Check if edited time reflects in the old dashboard page
  • [API] Admin/Owner should be able to access all user info under his company
  • Change to new user default settings
  • Fix & Standardize wrapping of row containing report name, user selection, date selection
  • [Projects Settings Page] Loading symbol is missing
  • [Edit Time Page] Page should not jump up to the top when user is adding or editing time
  • Fixes to tooltips above green bars
  • [Timesheet Report] Loading message shouldn’t disappear until the page has finished loading
  • Time overlaps export options under project page.
  • Rename the exported pdf file on project report page.
  • Remove all “View it in your browser.” links from emails
  • [Absent and Late Time Report] Files exported are showing wrong dates in file name
  • [Edit Time Page] Fixes to company time
  • API bug: invalid company name
  • Make Today/This week buttons on the Day/Week calendars
  • Need to display a tool tip for total time deducted from deleting a screenshot
  • [Edit Time v3; Review Manual Time] Clicking ‘OK’ button from edit window pop-up creates duplicate task
  • [Edit Time v3] Time won’t disappear from the edit time page when deleting a manually added time
  • [Edit Time v3] Page won’t auto refresh when adding a manual time
  • Reports Time Layout issue
  • [Edit Time Page] – Editing task or project name causes duplicate task
  • [Edit Time Page] – It shouldn’t be necessary to refresh the page to see changes after editing time
  • Add back the daily breakdown option report to the PROJECTS export report
  • Add a CSV export option to the projects report
  • Add “Month” option to date selection on most reports
  • [Payroll Settings] A small change
  • [Payroll History] – Fix text & formatting
  • [Payroll Settings] – Add tooltip explaining the effect of turning payroll on or off
  • [Payroll Settings] – Improvements to dropdowns
  • [Integration Settings] Add message explaining what the Dropbox Integration does
  • Change the error message when turning OFF the Jira Intrgration
  • [Billing Menu] Billing shows under settings menu for ‘Admin Users’
  • Download page – Input box for request another version pop up is not good if extend.
  • Changes to Payroll Email
  • Remove “Back at work now?” popup setting from the Advanced Settings page?
  • [New Dashboard] Include project name in tooltips above green bars
  • Duplicated payroll links
  • Fixes to field labels on home page
  • [Edit Time Page] Only allow 255 characters for the Reason
  • [Edit Time Page] Incorrect “Waiting for approval” message
  • Edit Time: Time-slot override
  • Fix text on Contact Us page
  • Fixes to the “Paid Invoice” email
  • Don’t change cursor to a hand when hovering over green bars where nothing happens
  • [Timesheet report] – typo on tooltip about deleted screenshots
  • Add option to skip the Time Doctor download when creating an account IF person already has an account
  • Edit time page – Old reason was replace to a new one.
  • Sub-Tasks not syncing for TeamWorkPM
  • Ability to turn payroll on or off
  • API – For Projects call, add option to exclude deleted projects, and an option to exclude no-longer-assigned projects
  • API returns wrong completion status for tasks
  • API: Invalid task & project data returned in /v1/companies/{companyId}/users/{userId}
  • [JIRA Integration] Inaccurate message warning is shown on Company’s integration page
  • turn on weekly report for required hours
  • [Absent & Late Status report] – Wrong required start time
  • Implement Pagination in the api results
  • REST API Add requests tracking
  • Typo in tooltip on Timesheet report
  • Fix capitalization in hyphenated names
  • Contact page
  • Changes to edit time page for people who are not allowed manual time
  • Need to display the current time on the edit time page
  • Payroll email designs
  • Change “Allow off computer tracking” to “Allow Manual time”
  • Redesign poor time use report
  • Edit time start time not editable
  • [TD Lite/Pro] Remove inaccurate error messages for integrations

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