New Website Release

This is an update on the last 2 weeks fixes and release notes.

We have been redesigning several of the pages and reports to make them more intuitive to use and to make the reports easier to understand. One of the redesigns was the All Activities Report which is now renamed to All Tasks Report.

Here is a view of the redesign:

I note that one person has had an issue with this new report because it does not allow commas in the project name, which they were using as a custom export format. We are working on a solution for this customer.

Small bug fixes and improvements

  • Fix issue with search bar in the manage users page
  • Fix issue, cannot zoon in on screenshots
  • Make sure that it is possible to get reports for deactivated users
  • Error when credit card expiring in the current month
  • New getting started page on Time doctor for new users
  • Fix issue where user can still see JIRA tasks that were removed
  • Redesign of the required work hours page
  • Fix redirect loop when switching accounts with person in multiple accounts
  • Problem with photo not showing in the dashboard
  • Change “Edited time” to be labelled “Away from Computer”
  • Fix problem with dashboard going blank
  • Fix data error in the computer activity report
  • Fix design error with project report
  • Make sure that the “Owner” label appears in the manage users page
  • Allow edit button even if registration is incomplete
  • Dashboard videos are loading even when closed
  • Improvements to the timesheet report export
  • Improvements to the billing page
  • Problem with validation message when inviting employees
  • Remember the settings of the number of screenshots per page
  • Redesign the confirm email address email
  • Fix problem after disapproving manually added time some time is still showing on reports
  • Fix JIRA sync issue
  • Change JIRA time worked to update every 1 hour not every 6 hours

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