New Website Release – Bug Fixes and New Features

We added the ability to select a different timezone on the edit time page to make it easier to add times and understand the correct time to add. We will soon be adding the ability to select timezones on the dashboard and then other reports.


You can select your own timezone on the user settings page.

Added PayPal as a payment method

Some people were having trouble using a credit card through our merchant provider Braintree, so we have added the ability to pay for Time Doctor via PayPal.

Here are a number of other bug fixes and small feature improvements

  • [Billing] Can’t remove credit card on paypal billing
  • [Clients Feature] Clients created by one person can’t be seen by others in the same company
  • [Clients Page] Need icon for WorkflowMax integration
  • [Daily Work Summary Sample Email] A few fixes
  • [Dashboard] – Remove “[No name yet]” on dashboard
  • [Dashboard] Display loading message or symbol after inviting user
  • [Dashboard] Extra columns are shown on the week view when changing the time zone
  • [Dashboard] Make “Invite” button not clickable when no data entered on email address field
  • [Edit Time Page] Display project in dropdown when entering a task
  • [Email] Fix to email about “Reminder: Action required to complete your Time Doctor account setup”
  • [Email] Name is not shown in the email after successful account activation
  • [Email] Remove comma in you’ve successfully created an account with Time Doctor
  • [Email] Remove redundant email address from email about “’s Time Doctor setup is not complete yet”ctor”
  • [Integration] Change text to “Company WorkfloxMax integration settings.”
  • [Invitations Page] Should show company name on the page title
  • [Invite Activation] It should not be possible to input all spaces for Names and Last Name
  • [Invite Page] Display loading message or symbol after inviting user
  • [Invoice Page] PayPal payment not reflecting in invoice
  • [Manage Users] Edit user pop-up appears off the screen
  • [Manage Users] It should not be possible to save changes without inputting your First or Last name
  • [Manage Users] Spaces should not be allowed as valid entry for First and Last Name
  • [New Invite Page] Wrong message shown for existing companies that don’t have any pending or active invitation
  • [New Screenshots Page] Can’t scroll left & right fully through screenshots
  • [PayPal Invoice] Remove unwanted texts about credit card in downloaded invoice for PayPal
  • [PayPal Payments] Remove card option shouldn’t appear when there is no card in the system
  • [Project Settings] Change text shown for managers if no Projects are available
  • [Project Settings] Check boxes with no names are showing up under Projects Manage Users
  • [Projects report] Fix formatting on exported PDF reports
  • [Projects Settings] Fix how users are displayed under each project
  • [Resend invite email] Use the email address of the user to be placed in the “Firstname” placeholder of the resend email invitation content.
  • [REST API] Make it possible to create a task with no project
  • [Screenshots Menu] Do not display users who haven’t accepted invitations and activated their accounts
  • [Screenshots] Owner stays selected from the user selection drop down even if you’ve already selected a different user
  • [Server down page] Links directs to incorrect page and server and doesn’t exist page.
  • [Step 2: Sign Up] An error is shown when sending invites
  • [Timeline Report] Change how deleted screenshots affect this page
  • [Timeline] Deleted manual time appears as Screenshot Removed.
  • [Webcam] format is inconsistent
  • [Webcam] Wrong type saved for webcam shot
  • [WorkflowMax Integration] Contradictory messages when disabling the workflowmax integration.
  • Add an event for “invited staff” so that we can track funnels on mixpanel including inviting staff to the company
  • Add google sign in to the log in page (again!)
  • Add some more home page links
  • Allow the same project name but only if it’s an integration project versus Time Doctor project
  • Billing page, allow me to change the date without changing the card number
  • Capitalization Issues
  • Change default for “Are you still working” pop up to 9 minutes
  • Change default user selection on all reports to “All Users”
  • Change message when user doesn’t have access to any projects
  • Create links on the home page to each integration blog article
  • Email: capitalization issues for “You did not complete your Time Doctor installation”
  • Empty dashboard – no users are displayed
  • Fix tabbing on home page
  • Login with Google Account process: Misspelled text “account” found on the information dialog of Time Doctor sign in webpage.
  • Move company Freshdesk integration settings to main company integrations page
  • New design for invite users page
  • No screenshots are displayed if user with screenshots is selected after a user without screenshots.
  • Notification that the email has been completely sent does no disappear not unless you refresh the page
  • Previously selected values for ‘User’ and ‘Project’ in ‘Screenshots’ are not remembered after user switches to other page.
  • Screenshots – ‘No Project Allocated’ Selection Malfunction?
  • Screenshots for Archived Projects does not show.
  • Simple Text Edit on Payroll Page

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