New Website Release

We are currently working on releasing some major new features:


The first version of the API will be a read only version which means that you can use it for reporting or gathering data in your account, but not for posting tasks or projects. Then after releasing and testing this version we will release a read/ write version.

Asana integration

We are working on an Asana integration currently. (Check out Asana here)

A better method of easily allowing or disallowing manual time

This will allow admins to allow or disallow manual time for any person in the company. If this time is disallowed then it will not allow the person to automatically add time when away from their computer. Also if they edit or add time manually this time will automatically be disapproved and will have to be approved by their managers for the time to be recorded in their reports.

Android app

This is already released see below


You can download it on Google Play

Here are some of the bug fixes and minor feature improvements that we worked on:

  • Required Work Hours should only be accessible to admins
  • Various fixes to the Payroll page (not launched yet)
  • On the reports pages, admins should see only integration projects that they are assigned to
  • Incorrect Notification of time deduction (deleted screenshot)
  • Various work on getting ready to launch the API
  • Fix how date selection works when clicking left & right arrows
  • [Timeline Report] – Wrong date selection
  • [Edit Time Page] When deleting time, the warning popup has the incorrect style
  • Change to daily breakdown pdf export report
  • Make it possible to go directly to sign in when the 3 questions are displayed on home page
  • [New Dashboard] – Getting switched to the wrong company
  • Login page fixes
  • [Time Use Report] Wrong message appears when viewing a user who has worked no hours
  • Change page title for Absent and Late status page.
  • Some reports default to the next week instead of current week
  • Current user should appear first in reports (not last)
  • [New Dashboard] Intro videos keep coming back even after they’re removed
  • Daily breakdown PDF export option on the PROJECT report
  • Absent and late report not viewable on narrow screen
  • Add export feature into new Projects Report
  • Fix Security issue: ( Logical Authentication Issue )
  • Changing the cattail of first letter of a Project Title creates an error
  • Remove confirm your email address email
  • [JIRA Integration] Re-integrating JIRA account creates duplicate tasks in TD client
  • [Billing page] Fix issues on ‘delete confirmation pop-up’ when removing a credit card
  • Change error message JIRA integration
  • Changes to email about worked under required hours
  • Fix spacing on Timeline Report
  • Remove All tasks report and move features to the Time Use Report
  • User selection should be remembered on all reports
  • Exported CSV file under New Timesheet report is not correct.
  • [New Timesheet] Horizontal scroll bar doesn’t appear on Safari browser
  • Change “hide” to “display” on JIRA integrations page
  • Select all on projects page is too slow
  • Jira Sync not working
  • Manage Users->Delete User wording tweak
  • Redesign the “You have successfully added your credit card” email

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