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We’re working hard in the last 3 weeks to improve Time Doctor and there are still a lot of improvements to come. As always we focus on fixing bugs and improving the usability of the product first before working on new features.

We’ve recently hired several new people into the team to improve the speed of development and so that we can do our best to make the product truly fit your needs. These new team members are still getting up to speed, but you will start to see the fruits of their efforts in the coming months.

Continuing with redesign of all report

We  hope to finish the redesign of all pages and reports within the next 4 weeks. Here  is one of the latest redesigns that we have released, the Timeline report:


Fix of the downloading screenshots function

We have fixed this functionality, please email support if you have any further problems with it. At the moment it’s only possible to download screenshots for one person at a time, as there are problems if the file size is too large when downloading screenshots. We’re looking into this now to see if it might be possible to download all screenshots for all team members.

List of minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Fix error with web and app usage report.
  • Remove deactivated users from the dashboard.
  • Fix problem when deleting an account that is part of more than one company.
  • Minor display bugs on the login page.
  • Error message display bug on reset password page.
  • Fix view report online link on website and applications email.
  • Problem with searching for users on manage users page.
  • Improve project drop-down field when editing time.
  • Remove screenshot option under edit user pop up window.
  • Bug when pressing cancel on pop up message on change settings pop up on manage users page.
  • Fix bug with task integration from JIRA has the wrong JIRA project code.
  • Fix issue with multiple emails received for the manual time report.
  • Fix issue with archived projects on teamwork.com integration.
  • Fix issue with multiple emails received about Basecamp token access revoked.
  • Linking projects in the Teamwork.com integration.
  • Fix issue with maximum length in sign up fields.
  • Fix issue with project name not appearing in the Basecamp integration.
  • Change method of saving settings on the required work hours page.
  • Include project next to the task in the dashboard.
  • Manage users page edit user then “select all” is not working.
  • Fix issues with daily reports not received for some users.
  • Fix issue with inconsistent behavior with the edit time pop up.
  • Include own work in the consolidate email reports.
  • Redesign has activate account and has not registered emails.
  • Fix bug on the time use report.
  • Fix notification pop up on team comparison report.
  • Fix issue with folders on Time Doctor Tasks.
  • All tasks report display for when no person is selected for the report.
  • Fix video display issue in Safari.
  • Enabling to manage the owner.
  • Improve the speed of newly assigned project appearing on the desktop app.
  • Fix issue when inviting an existing user.
  • Manage users page fix to the edit user pop up.
  • Redesign the payment details not uploaded page.
  • Improvements to the billing page.
  • Redesign the worked under required hours email.
  • Fix issue with tooltips on the new user default settings pop up not displaying correctly.
  • Rewrite the download as a zip screenshots.

What are we working on now?

Firstly we are working on releasing a complete redesign for the site, including all reports and settings pages. Most of these pages are underway at the moment.

We are also working on a new Payroll feature to help you easily pay your staff. Here is a preview of some of the pages to show how the Payroll feature will work:

Initial setup on the Payroll


Further Payroll Setup


These are the top immediate priorities, but there are several other things we are planning for the medium term future:

  • Releasing several new integrations and improving the functioning of the current integrations.
  • A public API so you can create your own integrations.
  • Improvement to the way that allowing or disallowing manual/ edited time works.

Update: On review of the screenshot downloading method, I think it’s not fast enough and good enough as a long term solution for downloading of screenshots. I’m looking into another method which will be super-simple and will require no effort in downloading screenshots (it will all happen automatically)

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