New Web Release – Change in menu and other changes

There are a number of major important changes in this new release. The first thing you will probably notice is a complete change in the menu structure. Please see below:


Reports are on the left with the dashboard as the top report. Then we have the Payroll menu. This is everything related to manual time, editing time and the new Payroll features will come here (the actual Payroll feature is not released yet), then Screenshots, then Settings then Help.

The reason for this change was to fit all of the features that we have within a limited menu bar and to re-structure it to make sense with the new Payroll feature.

A variety of other minor fixes and improvements

  • Teamworkpm sync error
  • Bug when switching companies
  • Error on new dashboard page
  • When deleting parent account child must be set a primary
  • [New Projects Report] Wrong week is highlighted in the calendar when user moves to the previous week date
  • [New Projects Report] Fix tool tip display for the drop down buttons when no user or project has been selected
  • Week is selected and shown by default in Project Report
  • Incorrect Edited time reason
  • Required work hours feature not working on Firefox
  • Remove “Time Doctor wants you to be productive” from new dashboard
  • Time Line Report does not show work time affected by screenshot deletion
  • Last Synced time is blank after first syncing
  • Review manual time very slow loading when approving or disapproving time
  • [Absent & Late Time] Wrong people appear in report
  • Password field display error in Chrome & IE on TD home page
  • Two fixes to payroll pay page (page not launched yet)
  • fix send payment for paypal mass pay (page not launched yet)
  • Report : wrong Absent & Late time shown (not following selected user)
  • Have the “name” field pre-selected and the typing cursor inside it when you enter homepage
  • With Teamworkpm integration error “last Synced time: unknown”
  • Time Use report defaults to the wrong week
  • JIRA Integration – fix wording for explanation of time uploaded from TD to JIRA
  • Change order of menu items in User Level dropdown on Manage Users page
  • Temporarily restore daily breakdown report while fixing this option in the project report
  • Absent & Late time : CSV reports contains Date columns with Time (Time has separate column)
  • [New Dashboard] Bars are the wrong color on week view
  • [New Dashboard] Wrong menu bar
  • Fix capitalization in hyphenated names
  • Add some new Intercom Attributes
  • Adjust JIRA company integration table width if it has to many options for what jira tasks to be hide.
  • Multiple issues in Absent & Late time ‘csv’ report
  • “Remove Sample Users” button appears when there are no sample users to remove
  • Issue on “user search” feature for Absent & Late Time page
  • Wrong time format on Absent & Late Time page
  • Problem with select all feature on drop down
  • Improved validation for the home page registration form

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