New Time Doctor Website Release

We had a major release for the Time Doctor website with a big new feature set. This release took a lot longer than normal. We normally try and release every week, but needed to delay the changes for several weeks.

One person is allowed to join multiple companies

As Time Doctor grows, we had encountered problems when people leave one company to join another, or perhaps working part time for two different companies, both of which use Time Doctor. Previously this was not possible on Time Doctor and in fact there were potential problems, such as an admin in one company deleting this person and that person’s account (including his account on another company) gets completely deleted. The workaround was to create a new email address to sign up to a new company.

We have now fixed this so that it is possible to join two companies. Data for each company are completely separated and private. This feature was a major change to the software and required over 25 individual small changes to the way that the software works.

Show decimal format in the all activities report

This is a minor feature but it’s important to let you know about it. Some of the reports have only the Hours and Minutes. When calculating times it’s a lot easier to use the decimal format so that you can simply add up all the figures to find the total time. So we are moving several of the reports to using decimal format as well as the hours and minutes.

Daily Breakdown Report

This report shows you a detailed breakdown of each activity and project for each person. Try it and see if you find it to be a useful report in your company. It was created based on several requests.

We are also planning in the near future to improve the appearance of reports and make them easier to read and access the data, also adding some charts and visual representation of the data.

Search box within the projects report

This is a small UI improvement to make it easier if you have a lot of projects to search for the project you are looking to generate a report on.

Other minor bug fixes, features and user interface improvements

  • Minor fix to the productivity page for long task names
  • Fixes to the edit user pop up
  • Fix email field functionality when inviting employees
  • Fix formatting on company settings page
  • Fix to help icon
  • Formatting fix to time off computer email report
  • Tutorial video  overlaps pop up message using Opera
  • Remove manage users section in edit user pop up if there are no other users
  • Change videos to use YouTube instead of Vimeo
  • Separate integration processing from other task updating
  • Improvement to the manage users page all user selection
  • Various minor improvements and fixes to the integrations
  • Add time finished to the timeline report
  • Automatically remove spaces before and after invited email addresses
  • Remove default date for the calendar under the screenshot page
  • Fix project page for managers who have no projects
  • Fix projects page for managers who don’t manage anyone
  • Fix to notification of working under required hours
  • Deleted time should not appear on productivity page as edited work time
  • Problems with the assignment of tasks as “Currently Working” on the edit time page
  • Add a loading text next to manage users page
  • Pop up warning to users when they change settings for all users
  • Improvement when inviting a manager with no employees yet in the company
  • Bug on step 1 ” choose who will install time doctor” when creating an account
  • Consolidated and every activity CSV report fixes
  • Cancel invite button
  • Manage users page – do not show the “all users” row when there is only one user
  • Photos are too big on the productivity page in IE9
  • Email to inform employers that an Employee has activated their account
  • Select all option for the advanced users page
  • Edit window for new manage users page fix
  • Fixes to the invite page when selecting who is managed
  • Include seconds in the “All Activities” report
  • Manage users page, move the advanced settings options to the top so that it can be seen more easily
  • Manage users page remember settings of how many users per page
  • New handling of disabled users to allow multiple companies
  • Deletion of a person does not delete every account they are connected with (it only deletes the account associated with the admin who deleted)
  • Changes to the page when someone is invited to join an account
  • Reminder emails if staff do not set up on Time Doctor
  • Option to cancel planned leave of absent time
  • Change to “Hide” functionality on projects page
  • Add the ability to select multiple users on the timesheet report
  • Change to the display of the Jira integrations settings for users
  • Fix to weekly report date selection

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