New Time Doctor Website Release

The redesign of the report pages is now almost complete with only the poor time use report page remaining to be redesigned.

Redesigned Timesheet report

The Timesheet report has been completely redesigned. Please see below for how it looks now:

Redesigned Projects Report

We have completely redesigned the projects report see below:

Various other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fix the included library for AWS in old web api
  • Invite new staff button missing on new dashboard
  • Edit Time Page – When editing a task don’t pre-populate the “reason for editing” field with an old reason
  • Add link to new user default settings at top of manage users page
  • [Absent & Late Time] Add new columns for hours worked & required hours
  • Small UI fixing is required in new navigation
  • Firefox problem with validation form
  • [Jira Integration] Incorrect hostname, username and password page is frozen
  • [Test Server] JIRA syncing status stays forever ‘In Progress’
  • [Team Work Integration] Seen typo error in message warning
  • Drop-down menus should be consistent all across the pages
  • Billing page remove button totally do not grey it out if it’s not active
  • Emails sent to staff invited from need to be changed so they only mention and not TD
  • [New Dashboard] Deleted screenshots don’t remove time on new dashboard
  • [New Dashboard] Long tooltips should wrap
  • update braintree php library
  • [New Dashboard] Wrong Date Selection
  • If invited employee signs up for an admin account before accepting invitation, ask them if they want to accept the invitation
  • Adding time at end of day misses the last minute
  • Implement standard date range selection throughout the entire site
  • [New Dashboard] Time bar issue on new dashboard’s week view
  • Fix calendar on new dashboard
  • Add cancel option when user want to edit/change credit card.
  • Edit time page – Adding time for 1 task with 2 different reasons is not working.
  • Subtasks fix on TeamworkPM
  • Basecamp project name should update automatically under project report page if the user edited the project name on Basecamp
  • New design for integration buttons
  • There are 3 versions of the signup page for invited users. Only one is correct.
  • Past invoices page is missing in the new navigation
  • [User Settings] You cannot save any changes without entering a new password
  • [Web & App Usage] Export options menu is shown behind the table
  • [Reset Password Page] Need to update password requirements
  • [Setup Page, User Settings] Password field message warning should be updated
  • Unable to sign out of
  • Basecamp integration sync error
  • Change Edit time page to use seconds in background but display minutes only
  • Inviting someone to your account will change the default company on web and desktop
  • Multiple click on Approve button on Review manual time page shows wrong manual time data
  • TD password requirements
  • Invited employee can’t accept invitation in FF – gets taken to the wrong page
  • Payroll pay and Payroll history pages for managers and users (feature not released live yet)
  • Tool Tip missing about Delete Screenshots in Some Report Page
  • Newly invited staff have wrong status on Manage Users page
  • Default company fix on Desktop and website
  • Redesign the Reset Password email

We are also working on and testing an external REST API at the moment.

There are issues with Basecamp and JIRA integrations for some users that we are working on.

We also activated a re-factored dashboard page. This is missing the notifications for absent and late status but we plan to add these notifications back to the refactored dashboard.

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