New Time Doctor Desktop Release

We have a new release for the desktop software for both Time Doctor and Time Doctor Tasks. You can download the latest version here if you did not get the latest update

Here are some of the fixes and improvements:

  • Fix the way integration tasks appear in reports
  • Improve autoupdater and remove the multiple pop ups during the autoupdate process
  • Make sure that the project is listed with Basecamp tasks with a link to the issue on Basecamp
  • Various other integration fixes
  • Fixes to Russian language version (note we are planning the release of other languages, Spanish is likely to be first)
  • Fix issue with web and app usage data not recorded properly
  • Fix issue where you can’t access TDT window when both back to work window and new version popup are active
  • Fix issue with the admin setting that requires a person to enter projects
  • Various internal fixes related to issues when a person’s system clock jumps in time
  • Fix issue where Time Doctor stops tracking time when Mac monitor is in sleep mode
  • Fix issues regarding keyboard and mouse tracking
  • Time doctor tasks issue fixed – Task name disappears when highlighting and scrolling down
  • Fix issues causing a crash and fix issues causing the app to occasionally freeze
  • Fix issue with Mac with retina displays
  • Basecamp task still showing on TD client after removing integration fix to not show integration tasks if the integration is disabled
  • Change interval for pop up if no keyboard and mouse. Right now the default is 3 minutes of no keyboard or mouse but there is a second default interval of 30 minutes if the person has zero keyboard activity for 30 minutes or zero mouse movement activity for 30 minutes then the away from computer pop up will come up

If you have any suggestions for the desktop versions of the software please email us at

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