Time Doctor Website New Release

We have missed previously updating you on new features of the Time Doctor website, so the plan is to announce any important changes and updates moving forward. We have a weekly release cycle and we always prioritize any bug fixes first before releasing new features.

For this week, we have the following new features:

  • Allowing you to view reports for disabled users
    This is a much requested feature which allows you to view reports even if your user is disabled. So if you have a team member that is leaving your team, you can disable them and you will still be able to view reports for this person (but they will not be able to track their time).
  • Also a minor feature related to remembering the sign in being checked.
  • And the following bug fixes:
    • Various fixes related to display in IE8
    • Fixing error related to cookies which showed the incorrect error message “warning your timezone is not registered”
    • Change to dissallow editing project names to an existing project name
    • Bug related to the operation of the send invite button
    • Adding a cancel button when adding a new project
    • Improvement to the project page to not allow assigning projects if the person does not have the correct privledges
    • Usability improvements and bug fixes on the edit time page
    • Fixes to UI when viewing on mobile devices
    • Fixing potential poor time use report (was not active for all users)

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