New Payroll Feature (Beta)

You may have noticed that we just launched a new payroll feature which is available in the menu. This feature will allow you to easily calculate the payroll for your team and also includes easy methods for you to integrate payment. We are starting with a PayPal integration and Ko Kard.

Ko Kard works only for payments made to the Philippines. We will be adding some other low cost payment methods in the future.

Here is a preview of the payroll settings page:

(Click each image to see the larger version)

This will allow you to initially set up your team with the payroll details that fits the way that you like to pay. Please notice the “Not on Payroll” section where you can see people not currently on the Payroll. You can add anyone you would like to be active on the Payroll.

Then you can select the Payment method. If you have your own methods to pay people you can just select manual. You then select the Payroll Period. This can be weekly, twice a month, every two weeks or monthly. You also select if the person is paid per hour or a fixed amount. Select the currency and the rate. Also select a maximum hourly limit. For example a normal hourly limit would be 40 hours for a weekly payroll. And lastly you select the hourly rate (or the full rate for the period if you have a fixed payment).

When it comes to the actual payroll, you will receive an email about the new payroll. You will then be able to make adjustments if necessary and pay people.

Please let the support team know if you have any issues with this page.

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