New iPhone App Release

We have just released a new version of the iPhone app to the app store. Here is a list of improvements and new features:

  • iOS 7 support.
  • Team View: see what members of your team are currently working on.
  • Multiple companies support: easily switch between the companies your account belongs to.
  • Editable folders: create, rename, reorder and delete folders right from the application sidebar.
  • Get social: share your current Time Doctor status to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Improved networking: connection problems are now handled much better.
  • Improved performance on large task lists.
  • Multiple bugfixes and quality improvements.

We have two different types of users of the iPhone app. One is for people that want to track their time on the iPhone. The other type of user would like to view the activities of their team on the iPhone. We do not yet have a full feature set for viewing the activities of your team. However the Team View is the first step towards this. Also we are planning to add more of these features.

We are currently developing an Android version of the app and are planning for a release in the first quarter of next year.

You can download the iPhone app on the app store here

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