New Features: Work Schedules, Permanent Tasks, New Dashboard, 4 New Integrations, and more

This is probably our most significant announcement of new features yet. Let’s jump right in.

New Dashboard

We’ve made a few major upgrades to the dashboard for admins & managers.   These improvements are currently rolled out to 20% of our customers.  If you’re not seeing the changes yet, you likely will within a week.  Here are the changes (you’ll only see the 2 new sections at the top if you have screenshots turned on for at least some of the people you manage):

Time Doctor Dashboard ImprovementsClick here for full size image.

The new additions to the dashboard are:

  • Latest screenshots: This section updates every 10 seconds, showing the latest screenshots that were taken of the people you manage.  It’s another easy way to see exactly what your employees are working on right now.
  • Users with low keyboard/mouse activity: This is a quick way to see who in your company has a high percentage of screenshots with low keyboard & mouse activity.
  • User selection dropdown:  Allows you to select which users you want displayed on your dashboard.
  • “Last worked X hours/days ago”: This new status under the names of users who aren’t currently working lets you more easily see how long it’s been since they last worked.

Work Schedules & Attendance Tracking

We’ve done a major overhaul of the Work Schedules feature, and along with it we’ve converted the old “Absent & Late Status Report” to the new Attendance Report.  We’ve also made the process for users to report the reasons for their less-than-full attendance much easier on the Absent & Late Reasons page.

The new Work Schedules feature lets you set up almost any type of work schedule for your users that you can imagine.  It accommodates different shifts of different days of the week, shifts that overlap more than one day, and more.

I can’t do the improvements justice in this blog post, so check out our support article about these new features to learn more, and/or watch this video which shows you how to set up different types of work schedules:

If you already had work schedules set up using the old “Required Work Hours” feature, don’t worry – your schedules have been transferred over to the new Work Schedules page automatically.

Several improvements are still coming to the Work Schedules & Attendance features, so stay tuned!

Permanent Tasks

Until now, your employees have been creating all of their own tasks in Time Doctor (excluding tasks from integrations).  Many of you have been asking for a way to set the task names yourself that your employees work on, and you can now do that with Permanent Tasks.

Permanent Tasks exist on a per-project basis.  You create the permament tasks for a project, and any users who have access to that project will have those tasks available to them to work on.  You can create tasks on your Projects Settings page, like this:

Permanent Tasks in Time DoctorClick here for full size image.

If you want to limit your users to ONLY tracking time to permament tasks created by you and prevent them from creating any of their own tasks, you can do that too.

For more information on how to set up & use permanent tasks, check our support article about permanent tasks.

NOTE: To use Permanent Tasks, your users must have upgraded to the latest version of the Time Doctor desktop app(s) which we released early in November. You & your users should have been automatically prompted to upgrade, but if you’re not sure if you’re using the latest version, you can download the latest version from the download page.

4 New Integrations

Earlier this month we announced 10 new integrations, and we’ve just added 4 new ones.  None of these new integrations will take more than a few minutes to set up.  As an admin you can activate any of these integrations for your company on your Company Integration Settings page.  Here are the latest 4 integrations

Here’s the list of new integrations:

Freshdesk: Track how much time is spent working on each support ticket.

ToDoist: Track how much time is spent working on your Todoist projects & tasks.

Unfuddle: Track how much time is spent working on Unfuddle projects & tickets.

Yammer: This integration will post updates in Yammer about the tasks that your team is working on (i.e. “Joe started working on Task X”)

Usability Improvements

We’ve also made a few more usability improvements recently:

  • Dashboard version is remembered: The dashboard will remember whether you were last using the “team dashboard” (which shows all people you manage) or the “individual dashboard” (which shows detailed info on just one person) and will default to the same version that you used last time.
  • Easier to limit popup frequency in desktop app: When users who are tracking their work and get automatically put on a break due to a period of no keyboard or mouse use, they see a popup asking whether they want to start working again. On that popup we’ve placed an option to “Leave me alone until tomorrow” which for the rest of the day will block any more popups asking if they’re back to work now.  Users will need to have upgraded to the latest version of the desktop app to see this feature.
  • Easier screenshot deletion when one computer has multiple monitors: If you select a certain screenshot to delete on your screenshots page, all other screenshots taken at the same time (from other monitors on the same computer) will now also be automatically selected for deletion.
  • Easier access to dashboard & inviting new users from the desktop app: We’ve added buttons at the bottom of the desktop app that link directly to the Dashboard & to the Invite Users page.


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