New Features and Bug Fixes

Here are some recently added new features that you might want to be aware of:

It is now possible to edit time up to 1 month in the future

We previously restricted editing to only times in the past. This was meant to ensure that time edited was accurate. However we found that this was too restrictive, and that some people wanted to add time for holidays or an event that they were going to attend tomorrow.

As a reminder, there is a settings for admins on the “Manage users” page where the admin can allow or disallow manual time for everyone in the company.

 Option to blur screenshots

We now have an option to blur screenshots to remove sensitive data but keep this feature if you want to be able to see generally what is going on but not read any specific details in the text.

Various other bug fixes and minor improvements

  • API: Fix problem, unable to obtain an API key
  • API: Image is missing on authorization page
  • Security issue fix
  • Adding a new time manually should not auto-populate the recently added start/end time.
  • Fix wrapping of texts in Current Payroll
  • Improvements for Add/Edit Time
  • End time should display all time range after the start time
  • Timeline report doesn’t stop loading when user tries to load a different page
  • Removing the User Avatar is not working properly
  • Click area for paypal settings is too large
  • Typos on login form after resetting password
  • Change the select all approved and disapproved buttons background color.
  • Problem with loading image on project report
  • Time Use report refactoring
  • Timesheet report loading icon not working
  • Different user numbers showing for different reports
  • End Time dropdown displays only two options when hitting the Tab button on the keyboard.
  • Security Issue with enderProjectsReport.php script
  • “User” sees Getting Started page. Only “Owners” should see it.
  • Invitation Status is wrong when company is signing up
  • The option to invite >3 people when signing up is missing.
  • [Features Page] Add all integrations
  • Maintenance Page – A few fixes
  • Display issues are observed using the mouse scroll.
  • Pre-load send invites button on step 2 of sign up
  • Slow Reports – Reports should load only the most recently selected date range
  • Make it easier to get to the company-level Integration Settings page
  • It should be possible to add time/ edit time for integrations
  • [Edit Time Page] Change colors & tooltips for mobile time
  • [Manage Users Page] Small change to tooltip about “Allow Manual Time”
  • Fix bar colors on Review Manual Time page
  • Projects Report export problem with foreign characters
  • Fix User Selection on template page
  • [Reports] Confusing dropdown text header when selecting 1 user
  • [Edit Time] Codes are showing under productivity bars
  • [Add Time Manually] Adding a time with Apostrophe (‘) into the task name automatically adds a slash (/).
  • Changes to Payroll if you do not have any Payroll history
  • Approve or disapprove all times for review manual time page
  • [Manage Users Page] User missing from “People Managed By” list.
  • [Billing Page] Fix the navigation padding according to the design standards
  • [Absent and late time] Change to new date selection
  • [Time Use Report] Change to new date selection
  • TD home page doesn’t recognize that I’m signed in
  • Drop Down Menu Hover Pointer Not Showing
  • [Poor Time Use] Seen typo on Poor Time Use page
  • Change to allow users to see review manual time page and stop managers approving their own time
  • Backslash (\) appears if the company name has apostrophe (‘).
  • [Company Settings] Fix Typo & Alignment
  • TD home page – Field labels overlap with text that the user has entered when going back to home page
  • Fix typo & wrapping in tooltip on page to remove credit card
  • [Manage Users Page] Email addresses don’t wrap correctly
  • Fix to how user selection dropdown works
  • Script Tag Error
  • Fix appearance of download button in IE
  • [About Us Page] Email addresses are displayed wrong in IE
  • Minor improvements to email about adding credit card
  • [Billing Page] Fix Capitalization
  • Invoices page doesn’t match design of template page
  • [Payroll Settings] – Popup about changing PayPal settings doesn’t match popup template
  • When user delete work time from Edit Time Manually, then delete screenshots for that period.
  • Remove current day from the new date range method
  • Math error in Payroll & Hours Worked email
  • Change dropdown on edit time page when adding/editing time
  • IE – Labels missing from fields
  • User selection is different across the site. Every page should match the template page
  • [Timesheet Report] – Vertical line missing to separate column headings
  • Make big green bar @ top of Time Use report work like on the Time Sheet report
  • Change the survey page when deleting the account.
  • Deactivated users should not appear on the dashboard
  • [Absent & Late Time] Fix text & icons for when user provides no reason for being late/absent
  • Change button to orange on “Send invites” on step 2 and error message
  • Fix wording & formatting of tool-tips on Company Settings page
  • Slight margining issues in design template
  • Using TD For the First Time: Move Save Settings btn to the right bottom corner
  • Dropdown selection on Manage Users page for “Are you still working?” Popup should follow design standard

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