New Features and Bug Fixes – Latest Website Release

I’ve been slack in not updating our blog with the latest bug fixes and feature improvements. I will try and be more diligent in posting this information in future. Here are the most recent improvements and fixes over the last few weeks:

Redesign of the edit time page

This is a complete redesign of the page with some improvements to functionality. We will also be soon introducing some improvements: The ability to turn on or off the ability to add manual time (if it’s turned off then the person can still edit time but the manual time will automatically be disapproved).

For those that are able to add manual time we are going to make it easier to just click on the timeline and add edited time for any periods where there is a gap.

redesign edit time

Redesign of the company settings page

Redesign company settings

Redesign of the absent and late page

Redesign absent and late

Some small feature improvements, but important to be aware of them

  • Setting to only allow admins to see screenshots
  • Redesign of the user settings page (same functionality just an improved design).

A variety of small fixes and improvements

  • Fix issue with removing credit card details
  • UI fix on billing page
  • Fix issue with warning on entering  anew project on the edit time page
  • Fix issue with website and applications report email
  • Bug in assigning admins to synced projects from Integrations
  • Some Basecamp projects are not listed in the projects report
  • Fix column widths on the new edit time page
  • Add an exit survey when removing your card
  • Redesign the “Invited to join” email
  • Warn users about adding all users to all projects
  • Redesign “has activated their account” email and “has not registered” emails
  • Various fixes to new user settings page
  • Fix issue with automatic timezone detection
  • Save button for JIRA integration should not be active when hostname is blank
  • Fix wrapping in company selection drop-down menu
  • Display issues on pending invitations field
  • Improvement of success message in pop up when editing users on the manage users page
  • Fix drop-downs on required work hours page
  • Fix issue re timed activities for closed issues in JIRA
  • Fix issue with month view on timesheet report
  • Invalid date showing when selecting next and previous months on the timesheet report
  • Problem with video going full screen in some browsers
  • Activities with zero seconds showing on all tasks report
  • Issue with Web and App usage CSV export file
  • New edit time page “not working” time should not appear if user worked until midnight
  • Issue with project archive when using 1024 by 768 resolution screen
  • Issue with removing user photo
  • Photo title overlaps with the upload photo field
  • Issue with select all function on user options page
  • Tasks name with apostrophe has backslash under task name input of Edit time pop up.
  • Drop Down arrow appears in the wrong place in firefox
  • Don’t display “In Time Doctor, hide JIRA tasks that are” section until after JIRA is integrated
  • Remove “Add Time” button from existing tasks on edit time page
  • Fix drop-down and on/off toggle in the “Using Time Doctor for the first time” popup
  • Company integration page “504 Gateway Timeout” Button settings on integration settings page were re-set
  • Texts should disappear after submitting the form in Absent and Late Status page
  • What to display in company name dropdown if there is no company name
  • JIRA tasks aren’t updating in Time Doctor Tasks v1.4.161
  • Fix formatting of text in message after integrating with JIRA
  • Adjust remaining estimate automatically in JIRA time tracking integration
  • Test deleting primary account and see if it causes a problem with the secondary account
  • Getting Error 504 – Gateway time-out on Company Settings > Integrations
  • Web and App Usage week defaults to next week Incorrect output on timeline report page
  • Various edit time page fixes
  • Some pages of TD are permanently zoomed in on Android
  • Changing ownership of company needs an extra confirmation step
  • Add Time Manually popup error display problem
  • Change the texts in Review Manual Time “csv” report
  • Has activated email sent at the wrong time
  • Redesign setup page popup asking for TD installation
  • Fix hover state behavior for the user select drop-down in new Timesheet page
  • Clicking on the confirm email address leads to the wrong step of the signup
  • XLS Reports show File Format Error in MS Excel 2007
  • All Tasks report display improvement
  • Major bug – Admins/Managers/Owners are not able to delete the screenshot of the people they manage
  • JIRA company integration page appears zoomed in at first using android
  • Major bug – Editing Time deletes screenshots If user deletes manually added time, it will be disapprove by default under review manual time page
  • Timesheet report uses the wrong dates for week view
  • On TD Login page, the Email field should have the focus by default
  • Review manual time page issue when editing time multiple times
  • Deleted time period should not reflect in Review Manual Hours page
  • Login With Google Link Shows 404
  • Bugs on Edit Time page – adding time incorrectly overlaps existing work
  • Normal User can access + manipulate Admin’s “Approve edited time” page
  • Design breaking in “Approve Edit Page” Remove (\) in the tooltip when a description is with a (“) mark
  • Fix the calendar on the new Absent and Late Status page
  • Video under Features page issue in IE10 and Yandex browsers
  • All Tasks table doesn’t offer total time for the given timeframe
  • All Tasks Report defaults to next week instead of current week
  • Unedited time appears as edited If there are duplicated tasks in the daily report include the project after the task


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