New Features and Bug Fixes – Latest Website Release

We have a number of small fixes and a few improvements released.

Merge weekly and daily reports into a new “Time Use” report

These reports have been merged into one as they were basically the same functionality. There is also a new updated design see here:


New Review Manual Time page

This page replaces two previous pages, the “View edited hours” and the “Approve edited time”. So we are calling the time “Manual time” instead of “Edited time” and we have combined these two pages into one with an easier to use interface. This will be a way for admins to review manual time and approve or disapprove any manually added time.


We are currently working on a better method to allow or disallow all manual time. If manual time is disallowed the person will still be able to add it in an emergency situation but it will be automatically disapproved. If the person is allowed manual time then all of their manual time entries will be automatically approved (but an admin can later come in and disapprove them if they prefer).

Other bug fixes and minor improvements

  • Fix hover effect for the drop-down arrow across diff pages
  • “Review Manual Time” page – Timescale is wrong for week & date range views
  • Remove export and print functions on timeline report
  • Change User Options to User Settings
  • Round maximum payroll to two decimal places
  • Ability to stop split testing versions without deploying on Git (via the interface)
  • New dashboard error (all status showing as offline)
  • Owner can’t see employees on the Absent and Late Time Report
  • Invalid auto-population of Weekly dates
  • Testing environment Integration page has a URL that points to a non-existing page
  • New user default settings popup has an error code
  • Email checker when resetting password is not working properly using firefox
  • Tooltip is missing on timesheet report
  • Video under TD features page won’t display properly
  • Tooltip displays the wrong month
  • Additional features on the Payroll settings page (this page is not launched yet)
  • Allow invited users to be added to projects before they’ve finished registering
  • Time Doctor Partner/affiliate program
  • Jira Sync not working for a user

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