New Features and Bug Fixes

Option to blur screenshots

This was requested by some users to continue to have screenshots but to blur them so that it is not possible to see identifying information

Features coming soon

  • Redesign of the Payroll page to make it much easier to navigate
  • A manual payroll page to generate a payroll with any dates (completely flexible)
  • One click PayPal mass pay integration
  • A completely redesigned screenshot page

Various bug fixes and small improvements

  • Skip this step link not working
  • [Payroll] Adjustments aren’t included in the txt file for PayPal Mass Pay
  • Fix “OK” button for the confirmation pop up when you have joined a company
  • [Payroll History] Payroll periods column error
  • [Absent & Late Time Page] Remove quotation marks for generated reports if no reason has been provided
  • [Contact Us] Fix message field box display
  • [Asana Integration] Don’t pull “sections” into TD
  • It should not be possible to add projects that already exist
  • The yellow exclamation icon on the payroll settings page shouldn’t be there
  • SQL vulnerability ajax getUsersSelected
  • [Payroll Settings] Change wording of “Watch a Video”
  • [PayPal Settings] 3 changes to make turning on PayPal less confusing.
  • [Payroll Page] Remove confusing messages
  • Changing a user level access to Manager/Admin should automatically display the field for the person to be managed by
  • Add totals to the bottom of the export of the absent and late time csv
  • Absent & Late Status report – Days off tagged as absent.
  • Some reports don’t remember selected users from the dropdown properly
  • New users not added to payroll if payroll is off
  • Username not shown on new dashboard
  • Remove these in the admin section
  • Add total time log and project on the task tooltip on the new dashboard.
  • [Absent & Late time report] No more 5 minutes grace time
  • Edit Button is not working on manage users page
  • Absent & Late Time – Generates report even though the user don’t have required work hours for the day.
  • [Projects Report] Website and exports are ordered differently (should be ordered by date instead of hours worked)
  • Green bar on Time Sheet Report is inaccurate
  • Says payroll has not been completed but this is an error
  • Unsubscribe to work under required hours not working
  • Asana: Sub task not syncing with TD client
  • [Email] Time Doctor logo is broken for ‘Worked under required hours email’
  • [Timeline Report] Some accented characters are not displayed correctly
  • Change the arrangement for the exported project report.
  • Able to add a blank project name
  • Incomplete registered users are still displaying on Absent and Late Status Page
  • Multiple notifications is displayed depending on the number of times a button is clicked.
  • “Late” vs “Partially Absent” – which takes precedence?
  • [Time Use Report] Remove extra white space
  • Inconsistent logo for late with no reason on the old/new dashboard
  • Fixes to appearance of 404 page
  • [Time Use Report] Don’t display tasks that are less than 1 minute
  • [Web & App Usage Report] Change to new date selection
  • [Edit Time Page] Only display warning about task longer than 8 hours if the task is *longer* than 8 hours (not if it is *exactly* 8 hours)
  • Number of users is wrong on invoices page, and on downloaded invoice
  • Integrated screenshot files won’t be displayed on the Dropbox Desktop version.
  • Changes to email about reviewing & approving manual time
  • [New Dashboard] Change how people are ordered
  • Performance issues new dashboard
  • [Edit Time Page] should show Work Time affected after deleting screenshots
  • [Projects Report] Fix icons
  • Account name is not auto-populating properly on the dropdown menu pages.
  • Conflicting information in admin settings
  • Replace the WinXP logo with Win8 logo and fix download button
  • Fix how task names wrap on dashboard
  • Date range selector needs to be of unified design on all Reports pages
  • Manage users search field doesn’t return error message when no results found
  • Redesign the please update your card email

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