New Feature: Blur Screenshots Option

At Time Doctor, we understand our customers’ need to ensure that confidential information they are working on remain secure.

Hence, we are introducing a new Time Doctor feature that allows screenshots captured from a user’s computer to be blurred so it won’t possible to read small text that might be sensitive information for added security.

This feature will be very helpful to developers, accountants and users who usually work on confidential tasks or handle sensitive information, as they can still use Time Doctor without having to turn off the screenshots feature altogether. This way, managers/team leaders still get to review the screenshots of their work without having to see the actual text or need to see images clearly.

You can only enable this if you are an Admin of an account.

  • Log on to your dashboard and go to ‘Settings’
  • Click on ‘Manage Users’ then go to ‘Advanced Settings’
  • Put a check mark on the ‘Blur Screenshots’ tick boxes

Here are some sample screenshots of how it would look like when you have this feature on:

How it looks like up close:

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