New Desktop App Release

There is a new release this week for Time Doctor Tasks version 1.4.66 and Time Doctor version 2.3.40.

Renaming the desktop apps

Note that we are planning to rename the desktop apps to:

Time Doctor Lite – the smaller version (currently called “Time Doctor”) and

Time Doctor Pro – the more advanced version (currently called “Time Doctor Tasks”).

The reason for renaming them is that we feel that the current names are confusing and do not completely distinguish the two versions of the software. This has not been implemented yet, it’s coming up.

Improvements to the “Back to Work” window

Some people have complained that there are too many popups with Time Doctor and we are working on ways to reduce the number of times the software pops up while maintaining the integrity of the time tracking information. Here are two changes we made towards this:

  • Disable the “Back to work now” pop up if an app is in full screen mode (this does not work in Mac unfortunately)
  • If you close the “Back at work” window then it is frozen for 30 minutes

We also have a plan to be able to choose when it will pop up. For example if you do not work on the weekends it will not pop up to ask if you are working.

A variety of other fixes and small improvements

  • Clicking on currently timed task at the bottom of the window should jump to the folder with that task
  • Change “Priorities” to “Tasks” in the Options menu
  • Change appearance of arrows
  • Significant refactoring of the implementation of local cache and server synchronization logic
  • Task name overlaps with “Project not required”
  • Automatically disable App Nap for desktop client under Mac Maverick
  • Allow the same task with a different project on the desktop app
  • Rewrite user activity detection to exclude 3rd-party components from dependency in desktop client for Linux
  • Fixed issue with being “on break for negative 7 seconds”
  • Remove tick box for integration
  • Fixed delay when typing in tasks
  • The “Are you still working?” popup appeared at the wrong time
  • Poor Time pop up didn’t appear for user
  • Continue last task shortcut doesn’t work properly
  • Incorrect error message and problem with connection process
  • Time Doctor suddenly came on top of other windows for no reason
  • Message about upgrading TD appears too frequently
  • GUI is unreachable in Ubuntu
  • Clicking on Yes in Back to work popup doesn’t start timing the task
  • Unable to change language setting
  • Fixes to Shortcut Settings window
  • Change time for desktop app to stop working when there is no internet changed from 72 to 120 hours
  • Remember last folder used when logging in again
  • Tutorial redirects to the wrong place during set up
  • Split sending of all reports by 100 items per request
  • 6 hour button not working
  • Reword error messages for integrations
  • Data is missing from Team Comparison and Web & App Usage Report
  • Fix handling of screenshots settings
  • Fixed handling of integration sync requests
  • Fix logic errors in sorting integration tasks by weight
  • Add extra warnings in tasks synchronization procedure

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