Manage your team with just 5 minutes per day

Managing your team

Is it really possible to manage a team of people with just 5 minutes of your time each day?

With Time Doctor you will get a report which shows you exactly what each team member accomplished, how long they worked on each task, and what their top 5 tasks are for tomorrow. You can review this report in less than 5 minutes, provide feedback and manage top priority issues for your team with minimal time spent.

With Time Doctor you know that your team is really working even when you are not there. Even if your team are working from multiple locations around the world. You know exactly how long each person has worked. The software records web sites visited and applications used so that you can be sure staff are not wasting time.

You will also be able to assign tasks to team members and know if they actually worked on these tasks or not.

So may not be able to manage all aspects of your business with just 5 minutes, but you can review reports from team members on what they accomplished, to make sure they are on track. And with Time Doctor you know that your team is really working effectively. As a manager that saves you a lot of time.

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