Launch of Time Doctor Tasks

We’ve recently launched Time Doctor Tasks which is the task management version of Time Doctor. This version is for individuals that need to manage their tasks into groups and want to organize and prioritize their tasks.

This is a version that we have been working on for quite some time and now we’re excited to launch it as a live product.

This is what it looks like:

How can TD Tasks help to make me more productive?

This is the version that I personally use to manage my tasks. I have a bunch of different tasks organized into folders. I use generally the GTD (Getting things done) method of organizing tasks.

First you notice there are three main folders for your tasks:

  • Today’s priorities
  • Medium priority
  • Low priority

The purpose of organizing tasks into these folders is that it forces you to properly prioritize your tasks. Productive people are productive NOT because they get everything accomplished every day. In fact if you are getting every single task accomplished every day that’s probably a sign that you are un-productive with your work. Why? Because productivity is all about prioritizing and making sure that you only work on the very important top priority tasks.

Time Doctor Tasks helps you to do this because you will allocate your tasks into these three different folders.

Why do I need to organize my tasks into folders?

If you only have a few tasks (less than 10) then it’s probably not important to organize them and in fact you can use only Time Doctor, you don’t need Time Doctor Tasks. If you have a bunch of different tasks, it’s critical to organize them into folders for different contexts, priorities. Some folders that I have are:

  • Waiting – these are tasks where you are waiting on action from another person. There is nothing you can do right now to move the task forward. All you can do is wait and follow up with this person. You don’t want these tasks in your normal task list as you want to make sure that your “Today’s priorities” list is full of tasks that you are able to work on right now. Where you are clear on the action you need to take in order to move the item forward.
  • On hold – there are other tasks where you cannot take action right now because of various reasons. I place these tasks in an “on hold” folder.
  • Meetings – if you hold a specific weekly meeting with a certain team you can place a list of items to discuss in a folder for that meeting.
  • Personal – non-work related tasks you might not want to mix them with your tasks for work.

I’ll be covering more about how to use Time Doctor in some future blogs posts. Please send us your questions if you have any.

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