Launch of Time Doctor iPhone App

We launched the initial version of the Time Doctor iPhone app and I wanted to give you a run-down on how it works and the thinking behind the app.

The app is designed for people who are tracking time away from their computer a lot. This could for example be sales people or someone who has to travel for their work. The purpose behind the app is to allow these people to track their time effectively and still maintain as much as possible the accuracy of the time tracked.

There will the same level of confirmation of hours worked when using this app, but it is more accurate than other time tracking mobile apps on the market because it is designed only to work in real-time, and there is a reminder system so that the person can estimate how much time an activity will take and then will get reminded when they have come to the end of that period, to make sure that they are still working on this task.

All of the time that is tracked on the mobile app is noted as being on the mobile app. So for example if someone spends half their time in the office on their desktop, managers will know exactly what times team members are in or out of the office.

Remember that the iPhone app is designed to work with Time Doctor Tasks desktop app and NOT with Time Doctor.

Here is how the app works:

See your folders of tasks

This view shows you the different folders that you have to organize your tasks.

task folders

List of your tasks

Here you can see the list of your tasks in a folder and you can click on the play button to start timing the task

list of tasks in a folder

Start timing and set a reminder

In this view you have started timing a task and you can set a reminder for when the app will ask you if you are still working on this task.

setting reminders

Add a new task

You can add tasks to a certain folder and select a project.

new task screenshot

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