Latest Website Improvements and New Features

We have a couple of important improvements to the Payroll Settings page. We have firstly a way to set default settings for any new users that you add to the Payroll. You can see that here:

payroll new user default

We also introduced the ability to change the default start date for Payroll periods. See here for how that works:

payroll periods

We’ve got several important feature upgrades coming very soon:

Significant improvement to the screenshots page

This will allow you to see screenshots based on low activity, or to just see screenshots related to certain projects. Here is a preview of that page:

new screenshots page

View pages in your company or individual user timezones

You will be able to view the dashboard and edit time page in the company timezone or your individual user timezone, and then we will gradually add the ability to view every report in different timezones.

White labelled client login to see screenshots and activity reports

We have a feature coming that will allow clients to log in to see screenshots of their workers or for just the projects that are applicable to that client (they won’t be able to see all work done if it’s not done for that client).

Also they client will be able to see reports of time spent and activities (again only related to work done for that client). Also it will be possible to completely white label this login so that you client doesn’t even know that they are logging into Time Doctor.

In other words it can be on your domain and will have no branding from Time Doctor anywhere. This is huge especially for BPO companies that have outsourced workers, where the client may want to see the activities of their workers, but where you don’t want the client to know that it’s done with Time Doctor.

Various other fixes and feature improvements

  • Current Payroll: Monthly and Twice-a-Month pay period won’t save added adjustments
  • [Timesheet] Generating report speed issue
  • [Review Manual Time] No default selected calendar view
  • Review manual time: unable to see entries
  • [Weekly Time Worked Email] Custom reasons are missing for manually edited time
  • [Clients Page] Cannot edit client info
  • [New Screenshots Page] Wrong dates are being shown for each row of screenshots
  • [Manage Users] Cannot select or deselect all users in Edit Users pop up
  • [New Screenshots Page] Selection settings wrap at the wrong time.
  • [Daily Work Summary] Fix typo in daily report
  • [New Screenshots Page] Screenshots from ‘multi’ monitors are not displayed
  • [Payroll History] Generated CSV for manual payments shows payments for Kokard, Paypal and the rest
  • Hourly limit goes back to text field even after selecting custom then save settings.
  • [Clients Page] Can’t create any clients even if i have already created my own white label domain
  • [Clients Page] Fix radio buttons alignment
  • [Clients Page] Loading image is out of place
  • Sitemap and seo problems
  • [Timeline report] Not working total time shows total 0h 08m
  • Support article for the learn more link on clients page
  • Can’t type in the “Create your own White Labelled Domain” field
  • Small change to the clients page
  • [Clients Page] Able to create a client even if subdomain is empty
  • [Clients Page] Subdomain is set to “login” by default
  • [Clients Page] Input fields should not be gradient when disabled
  • [Payroll: New User Default] Paypal doesn’t show up in Payment Method selection even if it is active on payroll
  • [Emails] Broken image found on “You’ve successfully changed your credit card”
  • [Emails] Broken image on “You’ve successfully added your credit card”
  • Email: 2 Good news email received when an invite was accepted
  • Remove screenshot setting from admin page
  • Small change to version e of home page
  • [Payroll History] Update custom payroll when additional time is added later on
  • [Integration] Tasks won’t sync again on staging
  • Remove rate per hour from the new user default settings
  • [Home Page] Dropdown to select try self vs invite users displays incorrectly.
  • [API] Tasks added via API are missing from desktop/mobile apps
  • [Payroll Settings] Users who have not completed their registration yet should not be added to either active or inactive payroll
  • [Email: Review & Approve Payroll] Dates are wrong
  • Employees should be in alphabetical order on the Payroll settings page
  • [Payroll pay page] Staff should be in alphabetical order on the payroll pay page
  • [Review Manual Time] Not showing reasons for edited away from computer time.
  • [Generate Custom Payroll] Wrong users appear in dropdown
  • [Payroll Settings] Currencies in dropdown should be in alphabetical order
  • Login link on the top right of the home page looks faded
  • [Daily work summary email] please include tasks that are over 1 minute
  • [Daily Work Summary Email] Many users are missing from the email
  • [Dashboard] Shows inaccurate total time after deleting a screenshot
  • Small changes to “Please update your card to continue” email
  • Add first name to “Important: Time Doctor set up is not complete” email
  • [Payroll pay page] List people in alphabetical order
  • [API] Integration project/tasks won’t show up unless you log back in to the desktop application
  • [Payroll Pay] Cannot download csv for Transferwise payments
  • [Clients Page] Add password requirements
  • [Projects Report] Task names wrap to the next line at the wrong time
  • [Payroll Settings] “Max Rate Per Payroll Period” should be blank if the payroll period is set to custom
  • [Edit time page] Away from computer time gets disapprove by default when editing or adding reason.
  • [Payroll Settings] Project when canceling the selection of “Custom” payroll period
  • [Edit Time] Apostrophes aren’t handled correctly
  • [Custom Payroll] Fix wrapping of header area
  • [Payroll History] Custom payroll date is based on user time zone but should be based on Company time zone.
  • [Clients Page] Regular users are able to access the page via URL
  • [Clients Page] Page elements don’t seem to wrap correctly
  • Show the exact patch and version number of the app available on our download page
  • [Multiple Reports] Discrepancy with total time deduction
  • [Edit Time Page] Adding a manual time with the same time period should not create duplicate entries
  • “Reset your password” message box has too much space
  • [Current Payroll] Missing Transferwise icon on staging
  • Change api when deleting screenshot to change start time to end time of deleted screenshot
  • Issue with cron job speed for 10 minute notification email
  • [Payroll settings default settings pop up] hourly limit field editing
  • [Poor Time Use Email] Fix grammar & typos
  • [API] REST API Post/Put Design
  • New user default settings should pop up the first time the person goes to the page
  • [Payroll History] Do not auto generate payroll history that is earlier than the date that you’ve registered
  • Show in the daily report for someone who is completely absent (how will they look on different sections of the daily report)
  • [New Home Page] Overlapping problem when re-sizing the browsers screen
  • [New Home Page] Email field returns an error when you move the mouse cursor outside the text field
  • T[New Home Page] Employee’s email field is marked as checked even if you haven’t typed anything yet.
  • [Payroll Settings] Fixes to “New User Default Settings” popup
  • [Payroll History] Add new info to the page – payroll type, and delete option
  • [Payroll] Users are appearing in a payroll period from before they were hired
  • [Dashboard] Display invited users who haven’t yet accepted their invitations
  • Improvement download page
  • [Timeline report] Move time end column
  • [Projects Settings Page] Eliminate confusion about why integrated projects don’t appear
  • [Screenshots Page] Time deleted for each deleted screenshot is wrong
  • Add timezone selection to the user settings page
  • [Screenshot] Hint notification for deleted screenshot is not shown for other reports pages
  • Crons and reports should properly calculate the deleted/edited time
  • [Projects Report] Some integrated tasks are missing hyperlink
  • [Edit Time] Incorrect end time and length
  • [Edit Time Page] Fixes to “Project” field when editing time
  • When last charge was not successful there should be a link to “Retry Charge”
  • [Website and Applications Used] Minor issues seen on report
  • No loading symbol when clicking on the “Generate Payroll” button
  • Improve display for PDF print report for timesheet
  • How to solve white label domain issue
  • Special white label login page for client login
  • Special menu for clients when they log in
  • White label for clients login – remove the time doctor logo from top left
  • [API] For tasks added through the API, project and hyperlink are missing from desktop app
  • Saving a settings on manage users should automatically close the window.
  • [Timesheet Report] Redesign for “no data” situations
  • [Web & App Usage Report] Redesign for “no data” situations
  • [Absent Late Time Report] Redesign for “no data” situations
  • [Poor Time Use Report] Redesign for “no data” situations
  • [Review Manual Time] Redesign for “no data” situations
  • [Web & App Usage Report] Minimum green bar length is wrong.

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