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Here is a description of the latest two weeks releases for the Time Doctor website. The next release will be a bit delayed as we are working on an important major feature that will require a lot of testing.

The feature we are working on is to allow individuals to work for more than one company. The reason for this is that we are having issues where a person is hired using Time Doctor, and then they are hired by another company who is also using Time Doctor. Currently they can’t do this because they need a totally new email address and only one email is allowed per company. This update will allow the same person to work for different companies. They will switch companies through a drop-down menu on their desktop

The data and information will be completely separate for each company that they are a part of. For example if they work for company X and company Y, the other people on company X will only be able to see work details for company X and the admin and managers on company Y will only see the work details for company Y. Also the admin on either company can delete this person from their company but it will not delete their entire account, it will only delete their account with this company. Currently if an admin deletes the person’s account it will delete their entire account.

So all of this feature of a person being able to work for more than one company is in the next release. The current releases are listed below:

Daily breakdown report

We created this report from multiple requests from companies that are looking for an easy report to give to clients that shows a daily breakdown of all tasks for all people and projects over a span of time. This could be a report that you export as a PDF and send to clients. Try it out and send us any feedback you have or ideas for improvements.

Minor improvements, bug fixes and user interface issue fixes

  • Select all option on the advance settings page
  • Put the total time from all projects in the projects report
  • Important bug fixed with the manage users page not updating for some users
  • Bug with buttons on the all activities report
  • Fix the every activity option on the all activities report
  • Issue where admins are unable to see disabled users
  • Fix issue related to Jira projects showing on the project admin page
  • Issue with delete users still showing on report dropdown
  • Disable print function if there is no report generated
  • Change upload photo to change photo if the user already has a photo/avatar
  • Issue with add a new project button on projects page
  • Do not include zero minute items in the off computer email report 

Also note that we are currently hiring more team members to add to the web team. We want to accelerate the improvement of the product and continue on our quest to make Time Doctor the best time management and productivity improvement software for remote working teams.

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