Latest Features & Updates: Intellinote Integration, Easier Time Editing, and more

Time for Time Doctor’s latest update announcements!  Let’s jump in – here’s what’s new.

New Company-Wide Integration Settings (control which integrations your employees can use and more)

Company Owners & Admins can now control which integrations are available to their company.  On the Company Integration Settings page you can make any integration available or unavailable to your users.

Here’s how the page looks:

Company Wide Integration Settings[See Full Size Image]

Along with the change to the Company Integration Settings page, the Integration Settings page for each user has also changed (it will only show them the integrations that you’ve made available to them).

Integration with Intellinote

We’re quickly adding more integrations to Time Doctor (expect to see many more before the end of this year).  The latest one that we have to announce is with team communication software Intellinote.

With the integration, you and your team can pull your Intellinote tasks into Time Doctor to track time to them.  Work on Intellinote tasks will then show up in Time Doctor’s reports.  The integration takes just a minute to set up.  You can enable it for your company on your new Company Integration Settings page (explained above).

Here’s how Intellinote tasks look in Time Doctor Lite:

Time Tracking for Intellinote

Easier Editing Time

Often when users are editing their work hours, they want to fill non-working time with same task that they were working on immediately before the non-working time.  We’ve just made that easier by adding an  “Extend Last Task” option which will do just that.

Any work time added using the “Extend Last Task” button will be categorized as manually edited (yellow) time.  Here’s how it looks:

Easy to edit time in Time Doctor with Extend Last Task button[See Full Size Image]

Easier Reviewing of Manual Time

We’ve made reviewing manual time less tedious by grouping together instances of manual time that have the same reason.  You can now approve or disapprove all of those instances of manual time in bulk for one person.  Don’t worry – you can still see all the details and approve or disapprove each instance separately by clicking the blue arrow next to “Various Tasks”.

Grouping tasks with the same reason.[See Full Size Image]

98% of Android Crashes Eliminated

We’ve made some fixes to the Time Doctor Android app which have radically reduced the number of crashes that occur.  If you or your employees are using the Time Doctor Android app to track work, make sure you & they upgrade to the latest version of the app to experience less crashes.  You can get the latest version of the Android app here.

Easier Access to your Support Tickets

Up until recently, you had to create a separate login to access our support system. Now you don’t need a different login – if you’re logged into you Time Doctor account, you can access your support tickets without having to log again.

We have more exciting features & improvements coming soon – stay tuned!

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