Latest Features & Updates: API Improvements, New Permissions, and More

Here are a few more recent and as-yet-unannounced improvements to Time Doctor.

Company owners can give anyone access to the Payroll feature and/or the Billing page

Some of you have requested the ability to allow people other than the company owner to have access to Payroll Feature and to the Billing page.  So now when the company owner visits their Manage Users page and edits any user, they’ll see an option to give that user access to the Payroll or Billing pages for the account.  Here’s how it looks on the Manage Users page:

Granting Payroll & Billing access in Time Doctor

Admins can control whether Managers can see screenshots

On the Company Settings page, Admins can now give Managers the ability to view screenshots of the people they manage.  By default, Managers are unable to see any screenshots except their own.  Here’s what the setting looks like:

How to allow managers to see screenshots

API: New Documentation, and “Write” capability

We recently revamped the API documentation to make it prettier and easier to understand.

You can fine the API documentation at

And in case you hadn’t heard already, the API can now handle write as well as read operations – so you can extract data from Time Doctor, or add in your own projects & tasks through the API and assign them to the appropriate people.

Green bars on the dashboard will take you to screenshots

Click any of the green bars on the dashboard, and they’ll now take you directly to the screenshots for the selected person and date range.

Green bars link to screenshots.

And a few other improvements & bug fixes:

  • The lengths & alignment of the green bars in the Projects Report are now correct and logical.
  • When viewing screenshots, the size of the popup is now dynamic (it will auto-adjust based on the the dimensions of your browser window).
  • Over 100 other minor fixes and improvements.

Changes that are coming soon:

  • The ability for admins to create project-level tasks which are available to everyone in the project
  • An overhaul of the Required Work Hours page that will give you a lot more flexibility when setting work schedules
  • An overhaul of the Absent  & Late feature that will allow more customization & will be more user friendly
  • Integration with Payoneer (for payroll feature)
  • Company-wide integration settings (for more control by the admin)

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