Latest Features & Improvements: New Dashboard & More

Here are the new features & some of improvements we’ve made over the past few weeks.

New Dashboard for Individuals

We released a major redesign of the dashboard for individual users.  Previously, the dashboard had a lot of empty space. We’ve filled it with useful information, including more information on the number of hours recently worked, as well as summary information from a few of the other reports (Timesheet, Time Use, and Web & App Usage Reports).  We like to think that we’ve turned the page that we were calling a “dashboard” into a real dashboard. Here’s how it looks now:

Time Doctor individual Dashboard
The new dashboard appears by default to all Time Doctor users who don’t manage anyone else.  It is also available to managers and admins by clicking on the names of the users that appear in their dashboards:

Time Doctor dashboard for managers & administrators

 New Tutorial Videos

We’ve also improved & updated quite a few of the tutorial videos on Time Doctor’s features. You can find the full list of training videos here.

“Users” are now “Regular Users”

For too long our use of the word “user” was confusing because we used it to mean two different things.  Sometimes we used it to mean anyone with a Time Doctor account, and sometimes we intended it onto to mean people with the lower access level (i.e. admin, manager, user).

We’re now using “Regular User” to refer to people with the lowest access level (i.e. admin, manager, regular user).  “User” will only mean an Time Doctor user.

We’ve made this change through the Time Doctor website and support documentation.

More Mobile Friendly Pages

The entire Time Doctor website isn’t mobile-friendly yet, but over the past few weeks we made many more pages “responsive” so that they’ll adapt correctly to all devices and screen sizes.

Chromebook time tracking app

Due to your requests, we’ve created a (beta) version of Time Doctor that can track time on Chromebooks.

Since the Chromebook app is in beta and has some limitations due to Google’s API as compared to the regular Time Doctor apps, the Chromebook app should only be used on Chromebooks and not on other operating systems.  You can find the link to the Chromebook app on our download page.

Over 100 other improvements

In addition to the features mentioned above, we made 100 smaller improvements & fixes since our last update announcement.

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